Introducing Sphere Bridal Gallery, Sydney

The new modernistic bridal boutique in the heart of seaside Bondi, steeped in authentic, personalized service & a curated edit of exclusive international designers.

Embarking on your bridal journey can be daunting, complicated at best. Months spent tirelessly sifting through endless, overtly classical gowns that you’ve seen a hundred times before, enduring stuffy, outdated boutique experiences with inauthentic stylists only to have to do it all again… all in the spirit of finding the gown. It can be a stifling and uninspiring experience, so when Sphere Bridal Gallery (previously Sphere Collective) opened up the doors to their new Bondi boutique recently, it completely revolutionized the market.

An extension from their Maroochydore, Queensland space, Sphere Bridal Gallery, Sydney redefines the bridal experience through a modernistic, design-driven and down to earth approach. Throwing away the conventions of tradition comes a fresh perspective, an intimate boutique steeped in serene, contemporary design and authentic service that echos the relaxed, yet sophisticated atmosphere of Bondi.

Here, effortlessly chic and wearable gowns line the racks, a curated edit from some of our favorite Australian designers such as Lola Varma and Natasha Schweitzer, and international designers Rime Arodaky, Yolan Cris and De la Rosa to name but a few, all exclusive to Sphere Bridal Gallery, Sydney. It’s a perfect destination for the discerning, modern bride who craves an individualistic approach to her bridal look, with invaluable guidance and styling from founder, director & stylist Sarah McCarthy herself… 

Firstly, congratulations on your beautiful new Bondi boutique! Tell us a little about the design of the space, and walk us through what brides can expect to experience in-store?

Thank you, we are so happy with the new space. It’s a very minimal and modern feel where the gowns really take center stage as the feature. We kept the privacy the same as our Queensland store and have two separate dressing and viewing rooms so brides can have themselves and their guests in their own private room to try on all the gowns. We are located in Bondi right opposite the beach but tucked away in a little side street so it feels very secluded and special.

You’ve expertly curated a much-needed unique selection of both Australian and international bridal designers that you have exclusively brought to Sydney. Tell us about some of these brands and what drew you to these designers and their gowns?

Traveling to New York over the last couple of years for the Bridal market I have met so many incredible international designers! I didn’t want to overload Queensland with too many options because we have so many great designers there already, so I wanted to expand the range and felt Sydney was the perfect place to showcase international designers. We have designers such as Rime Arodaky from Paris, Yolan Cris and Sophie at Voila from Spain, Elizabeth Fillmore from New York, De la Rosa from Hawaii and Tal Kedem Couture from Israel, so we can really offer a diverse range of styles.

“When I work with a bride I will get to know her style intimately… we take into consideration each bride’s personality & personal style.”

You have a very unique background as a stylist which is so beneficial for brides looking for invaluable knowledge and styling guidance. Tell us a little about your process of working with brides and what they should know to get the most out of their appointment?

I first started my career as a hairdresser and makeup artist, freelancing before I moved into fashion. So when I work with a bride I really take the whole look into consideration. With a styling background (as opposed to a sales background), when I work with a bride I will get to know her style intimately and pull a few looks over a couple of visits and fittings to make sure we try multiple selections of styles. We have gowns coming and going all the time as well as our core collection always in the store, so we really get a good variety.

What advice would you give a bride to consider when styling and accessorizing her overall bridal look?

Less is more, I love the gown to be the feature of the look and have small components that compliment the gown. We work with each bride and take into consideration the bride’s personality and personal style. Adding a veil is always a beautiful touch, a veil is such a personal choice so we custom make our veils in store to compliment a brides look.

We work exclusively with Natasha Schweitzer jewelry so use her pieces to accessorize our brides. I love the idea of wearing pearls on your wedding day, but in a more modern style. Natasha’s designs are perfect for this and each piece are designed to keep forever.

Sphere Bridal Gallery’s
Top 5 Tips for Bridal Shopping

  1. Go with an open mind.
  2. Let the stylist pull a few random looks for you.
  3. Pick 1 or 2 places to visit that align with your style
  4. Take a small number of guests with your first visit, it’s less overwhelming with fewer opinions.
  5. Have a bit of an idea of what you think you are looking for before starting to shop.

To book an appointment at Sphere Bridal Gallery, Sydney visit their website.


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