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Reimagining Engagement Ring Classics – Louise Jean

Bottling up everything we love about Australian design – Louise Jean has created a modern, transportive space grounded in relaxed luxury on the dreamy Sunshine Coast stretch of Peregian Beach, Queensland.



If there was a jewelry boutique to bottle up everything we love about Australian design it’s Louise Jean. Boldly contemporary, innately elegant but grounded in a relaxed approach to luxury, Louise Jean has created a space unlike anything you might expect from a jeweller whose office is engulfed by the sea. 

Located in the beautiful Peregian Beach on the Sunshine Coast of Queensland, Australia, this modern, transportive space echoes Louise’s design sentiment, while the shopping experience unfolds as fluidly as the dreamy surrounds. 

Long having admired Louise’s exquisite modern jewelry and the soulful values intrinsic to the brand, we caught up with the designer to chat all things fine jewelry.

“Ring shopping should be an enjoyable and memorable experience. Relaxing into this process is where couples fall in love with particular styles and go with what they want rather than what is trending at the time.”

How would you describe the unique Louise Jean aesthetic woven so distinctly into each piece?

Our style is best described as modern engagement and wedding rings reimagined from classic, traditional styles. Our pieces are minimalistic, refined, but most importantly, timeless. When designing our pieces, I always focus on making the stone/s the centre of attention and ensuring each ring can become a perfect layer to a complete stack.


Jewelry is so inextricably linked to a person’s individual style, what flexibility do couples have to make a Louise Jean piece their own in some way?

All of our engagement rings are made-to-order and couples can select their perfect, one-of-a-kind-diamond. Each piece can also be tailored a number of ways to align with their unique personal preferences. Our extensive Wedding Ring collection includes a diverse range of styles from petite to statement designs, contouring crowns and straight bands, each of which embodies a woman’s style and elegance. More and more, we are seeing our clients get creative and style a combination of rings to create a unique stack.

Engagement ring & wedding band shopping should be a fluid process, and we highly recommend trying on as many styles as possible. For further customization, we offer our clients various metal and stone options and the additional option to include a hidden diamond or gem on the inside of their ring. This special touch can represent something personal to you, such as your partner’s or children’s birthstones or sapphire, to honour the ‘something blue’ wedding tradition.

We love that transparency, intention and impact guide each of your design decisions. How do these values influence your selection of metals and stones used in your ceremonial range? 

Thankfully, the jewelry industry is very progressive and has come a long way with its standards and regulations, particularly over the past decade.

We proudly work with respected diamond suppliers who are in strict compliance with the requirements of the System of Warranties. This system is implemented by governmental bodies to track the export and import of diamond shipments to ensure conflict-free rough enters the supply chain. Our trusted suppliers carry a warranty that assures the diamonds originated within the Kimberley Process system.

For other precious gems, such as sapphires, we partner with trusted suppliers and cutters who work directly with family-run miners. This relationship directly supports the community from which the gem originates. Our relationship with our suppliers is one we have built over many years, and we are proud to support their operations and passions.

We pride ourselves on having complete control of our supply chain with little-to-no waste without our production model. We proudly support our Australian family-owned metal supplier, with more than 55 years of industry knowledge and experience. All our pieces are crafted primarily from post-consumer and recycled metals.


What advice would you give to couples looking to design their dream ring, where should they begin?

The most significant piece of advice is that you will be wearing this special piece forever, so try not to let trends, traditions and opinions of others influence your choice. Often couples will start with a vision of how they want their rings to look, but be open to exploring options you wouldn’t have initially considered. Ring shopping should be an enjoyable and memorable experience. Relaxing into this process is where couples fall in love with particular styles and go with what they want rather than what is trending at the time.

Can you guide us through what the co-creation process looks like at your seaside Queensland-based Peregian Beach showroom?

The journey begins with a private consultation in our relaxed Sunshine Coast showroom with one of our expert jewelry consultants. You can personally view and try on our signature designs, discuss ideas, and explore options within your specified budget. It is also an excellent opportunity for our clients to ask any specific questions or delve deeper into gem/diamond education.

After the initial consultation, your consultant will provide a detailed follow-up and guide you through the following steps to bring your vision to life! Depending on the ring design selected, the journey will look different for each client.


For those who can’t visit your showroom in person, can you guide us through the bespoke ring building service that you offer online?

The vast majority of our communication with clients is via email correspondence. Most feel comfortable liaising directly via email, whereas some prefer to start their journey with a virtual consultation via Zoom. Our expert consultants take the time to learn about our clients and their individual requirements, much the same as our in-person appointments.

Last year we launched our Bespoke Ring Builder, which takes the co-creation process to another level! Here, you can explore our extensive curated diamond inventory to build your dream ring directly on our website.

Each diamond can be viewed in great detail, including a 360-degree video, grading, certification and starting prices set into one of our signature solitaire designs. This feature has been an incredible success and takes the guesswork out of a typically intimating experience


What’s your favourite part about bringing an engagement ring to life with your very own hands?

When I started Louise Jean, I personally crafted all of our pieces by hand. As our business grew and predominantly shifted into bridal jewellery, I moved into other areas of the business where my strengths lay. Although I am not working behind the bench anymore, my role primarily involves designing and sourcing stones. I also oversee many areas of the production phases and email communications with our clients. I wear a few hats but wouldn’t change a thing!

To see the full collection, visit the Louise Jean website.


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