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Mira Zwillinger Spring ’18 Bridal Backstage

A beautiful chaos backstage with the designers

“Featherlight fabrics moving through a rainbow of the palest pastels.”

Backstage at Mira Zwillinger we stepped into production madness, trying to invisibly capture this dreamy, ethereal collection brought to life, in between stylists, production managers and hair and makeup artists frantically working to tight deadlines. A beautiful chaotic chaos in the form of featherlight fabrics moving through a rainbow of the palest pastels, willowy models painted in luminous tints, bold handcrafted earrings strung from lobes, couture headpieces tried on, and off, on and finally off again… meticulous details combed over by two designers who live and breathe every tiny stitch that weaves together their creation until it perfectly resembles their original vision both in aesthetic and mood. And it’s this crazy, almost obsessive creative passion we’ve found that lies at the heart of the labels we love most. Always such a beautiful scene to bare witness to.



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