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Iconic New York Jewelry House: Kwiat

Beguiling, luxurious and rare diamonds steeped in expertise, integrity and unwavering standards, we explore Kwiat’s highly sought after collections.

There’s a luxurious precision to every Kwiat piece that only comes with an undeniable richness in knowledge and experience. Each piece designed with exquisite, rare diamonds into beguiling rings by master artisans who’ve perfected their craft over generations.

It’s Kwiat’s heritage that has made the brand synonymous for expertise, integrity and unwavering high standards within the industry and the world over. Enamored by their family story and curious to learn more about the magic behind this iconic brand, we chat with Kwiat about their story, top tier processes and the exclusive diamond cuts on our recent New York visit.

Kwiat is known for quality, craftsmanship and impeccable beauty, how do you uphold this standard in each of your pieces?

In our fourth generation, we understand perfecting the cut of a diamond is both an art and a science. Master craftsmen with years of experience cut each diamond to unlock the brilliance from within. Diamonds are perfectly matched and set into jewelry designed specifically for their stones.


The heritage of the brand spills from every Kwiat piece, giving a true timeless essence to your designs. How have you stayed true to your roots but progressed with the times?

For more than a century, Kwiat has focused on crafting timeless diamond jewelry. We honor our heritage by adhering to the strict standards set throughout the years, with an honesty and integrity that is unsurpassed. We strive to continually reimagine what can be done with diamonds, always innovating and thinking about the future. We share our passion by offering only the most beautiful and brilliant diamond jewels that are worthy of becoming an heirloom.

“Perfecting the cut of a diamond is both an art and a science… our master craftsmen cut each diamond in a unique way to unlock the brilliance from within.”

What key qualities do you look for when selecting your diamonds?

A diamond’s beauty, rarity and value are determined by its cut, color, clarity and carat, known as the ‘4Cs’. We value cut the most because it’s the only one an artisan has control over, and a great cut can make a diamond look above its color grade and hide any imperfections. It is why our standards for cutting a diamond are the strictest in the world. All of our diamonds over 1 carat receive a GIA grade for color and clarity. A GIA cut grade is only available for round stones. Ours – the Kwiat Tiara® cut – is cut to exacting standards that meet and exceed the GIA’s grade of Excellent. In addition to our proprietary Tiara® cut, we’ve created the Fred Leighton Round®, the perfected version of the Old European cut diamond which embodies the charm of the antique stone combined with our standards of excellence.

In regard to color, we only select diamonds in the colorless or nearly colorless range. Our round brilliant diamonds are in the D through J color grade range and fancy shape diamonds are in the D through I range. We only select Flawless to Very slightly Included, with the rare exception of SI, when the inclusion is not visible to the naked eye. If there are any visible imperfections, we will not use the stone in any of our jewelry. Balance clarity with color and carat to find what works for you!

“When you purchase a Kwiat diamond, you can feel good knowing that your diamond is certified conflict-free, the way they should be.”

The Ashoka cut is an exclusive diamond to the Kwiat range in the USA, tell us a little more about this rare diamond…

A trademarked diamond cut that is as distinctive as it is beautiful, the ASHOKA® cut features unique arrangement of 62 facets creates a dazzling prismatic effect, giving it a fiery brilliance. The process of cutting an ASHOKA® is extraordinarily precise – every finished stone of identical weight has the exact same proportions and dimensions. The consistency and symmetry of cut sets it apart from all other fancy shape diamonds. The ASHOKA® has a larger size appearance than similarly shaped diamonds – appearing 30% larger than an emerald cut diamond of the same carat weight.


Where are your diamonds sourced from, how are they processed and are they conflict-free?

Kwiat is committed to the highest industry and ethical standards of sourcing, mining and manufacturing. When you purchase a diamond on our site or in our store, you can feel good–knowing that your diamond is certified conflict-free, the way they should be.


“We strive to continually reimagine what can be done with diamonds, always innovating and thinking about the future.”

Selecting a ring can be an overwhelming process, what do you recommend to customers looking for that ‘right’ piece, and how to you help them through the process?

At Kwiat, we believe that there’s a perfect diamond ring out there for everyone. Yet we understand that looking for the perfect diamond can feel overwhelming. Our team of certified Kwiat guides and diamond experts will create a search experience that is grounded in detail and personal attention so that you can cut through the noise and find the diamond that’s right for you!


Do you offer a bespoke service, and if so, what is your process for this?

We do! At Kwiat, we aim to create the ring of your dreams with any diamond cut, size, color, setting and materials your heart desires! Visit our website to explore the endless options in our unique, hand-illustrated engagement Ring Designer. When finished, you will work with our team to transform the design into a hand-made, bespoke engagement ring with the perfect complementary diamond!

You offer a Bridal Borrow program to your USA customers, tell us a little more about that…

Our exclusive, invitational Bridal Borrow program is for clients who’ve made a Kwiat engagement ring or wedding ring purchase at Kwiat. The program entitles you to reserve a selection of jewelry to wear on your wedding day or other milestone celebration. It allows you to enjoy a 5-day reservation on jewelry valued at up to 100% of the purchase price of your engagement ring or wedding ring. If you happen to fall in love with what you borrowed, you can make it yours! As a client in the Bridal Borrow program, you’ll be offered exclusive pricing to turn something borrowed into something yours to treasure forever.

To book a consultation and shop the collection, visit Kwiat online.


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