Elements of Earth – A Poetic Reception at Les Carrières des Lumières

In a sea of limestone, sharp edges were softened by shadow and circular blooms at a quarry in the medieval village of Les Baux-de-Provence.

While golden candlesticks rise in graphical formation, soft ecrus and dripping place settings work in effortless symbiosis.  

Even the wedding cake, asymmetrical and structural, is subdued by the pale palette to match the surrounding limestone in a hypnotic act of mimicry. 

Wedding planner and stylitst, Naomi Sem focused her attention on integration, ensuring materials either appeared as if they were pulled from the monolith itself, or contributed in subtle contrast and poetic imagery. The result? A symphony of earthen elements in perfect harmony.  


provence wedding venues

provence wedding venues

provence wedding venues

“Pure white, soft ecru, sandy beige; these are shades that resonate with the layers of limestone, creating a chromatic symphony with the mineral environment.”

provence wedding venues

provence wedding venues

Naomi Sem’s Styling Tips

  • Seek out locations with graphical monolithic shapes and interesting plays of shadow and light. Quarries, stone buildings, and drapery sculptures are excellent sources of inspiration.
  • Aim for simplicity in your surroundings to elevate the decor and styling. Minimalistic environments will highlight your design elements.
  • High ceilings and ample space are key elements for achieving this look. Opt for wedding venues that offer a sense of openness and grandeur.

Photography / Sidonie Vidal

Creative Director & Producer / Naomi Sem

Planner / Claudia Cervantes

Videographer / Amour Etc.

Location / Les Carrières des Lumières

Furniture & Table / Joli Bazaar

Ceramics / Komet Art de la Table

Flowers / Naomi Sem

Cake / Les Délices de Gladys



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