Nostalgic Reverie – A Wedding Reception in Puglia

From a dramatic color palette, to masses of soft, falling fabric, each contrasting installation of this wedding reception evoked inimitable allure.

Moody met sculptural for this evocatively beautiful reception at Masseria Anguilli Piccolo, a restored 18th century farmhouse still in possession of its dramatic vaulted ceilings and stunning stone floors.

Soft falling fabric coalesced with a hypnotic blend of delicate white Callas, Amaranthus, and Orchids, dotting the tablescape with single-stem simplicity, while luminous candles and symbolic bow detailing added dimension and elegance. 

For the color palette, neutrals were boldly disrupted with bursts of green, magenta, and crimson. Fluid yet firm, each installation held its form while dripping seamlessly into the surrounding details to craft an otherworldly atmosphere.

The nostalgic wedding reception was creatively directed by Babel Bloom and captured by Ramone Wedd.

puglia wedding venues

puglia wedding venues

“Intimate, colorful, elegant, young, risky, organic, fluid but sculptural. We sought modernity and intimacy but also shape and joy.”

puglia wedding venues

puglia wedding venues

puglia wedding venues

Babel Bloom’s Styling Tips

  • At your wedding or event location focus on the architectural or natural surroundings. Pay attention to the shapes, lines, and natural escapes. This will help you achieve the structural, organic, and fluid mood you envision.
  • Use a generous amount of fabric to create a luxurious feel. Drape the fabric on the center table, cake table, and other tables. The flowing textiles will add elegance and depth to your setup.
  • Make your flowers tell a story. Opt for theatrical, colorful, and sculptural arrangements. Don’t shy away from bold choices—let your florals evoke emotions and leave a lasting impression.
  • For sculptural fabric, start with a chicken wire structure to shape the form you envision. Then, cover it with soft fabric to achieve a voluminous and elegant look. This method ensures the structure stays in shape and looks stunning.

puglia wedding venues

puglia wedding venues

Concept, Design & Florals / Babel Bloom

Planning & Catering / Rotondo Catering

Photography / Ramone Wedd

Location / Masseria Anguilli Piccolo

Textiles / Istinto Textiles

Ceramics / Claydes Ceramic 

Stationery / Stationery Roma

Cutlery / Studio GMC

Lighting / Gio Lighting



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