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Sculpted by Nature

Exploring the artistry and poetry of Mother Nature through fine jewelry with Ole Lynggaard Copenhagen

Perpetually drawn to the artistry and poetry of Mother Nature; her majestic beauty, bountiful flora and fauna and untamed power; Ole Lynggaard Copenhagen naturally inherits her creative ingenuity within their fine jewelry. Mustering up raw stones and precious metals from the earth, rich coral and decadent pearls found in the darkest depths, collecting breathtaking moments, textures and shapes from across wild landscapes to inspire their unique organic jewelry sculpted from nature.

A collaboration of creativity and craftsmanship, Ole Lynggaard Copenhagen meticulously produces pieces of poetic artistry plucked from nature. Fluid organic shapes casted from blossoming buds, intertwining twigs and sculptural leaves are fused with hand carved textural surfaces and alluring gems into refined simplistic Scandinavian fine jewelry, capturing the tension and calm beauty as Mother Nature bursts into a myriad of colours and shapes.

Rooted in a unique organic aesthetic, each Ole Lynggaard Copenhagen collection explores the wondrous stories of the natural world with a refined touch of handmade quality. Craftsman meticulously toil over precious metals of golds and sterling silvers, moulding into flowing forms, buffing and engraving tactile textures of bark and leaf in the designer’s workshop in Denmark to evoke Mother Nature’s true beauty. Pavéd diamonds dot fluid bands and sculptural stems, while ethereal crystals of moonstone, quartz, tourmaline and onyx bloom into a wild garden palette, awakening with the warming kiss of the sun.

Each piece serves as a gentle reminder of our kinship with nature, to endlessly explore and honor it’s magical beauty in our own unique way. A fluid pavé band or satinised cuff may be the poetic touch for a bohemian bride, or a bold statement leaf earring for an uncontrived luxury. Quality conscious women will appreciate the level of detail and character infused in each piece as an artistic expression of their own unique style and Mother Nature herself.

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