Styling With Terracotta Tints

How to incorporate a touch of terracotta when planning your wedding day aesthetic.

For the couple who are torn between a palette of neutrals or a pop of colour, a bold earthly hue of terracotta could be your calling.

A step up from your traditional neutral tones of beige, brown, black or ivory, this rich and rustic tone is the ideal accent to revitalise an otherwise paired back earthen palette.

(Image Nikau Flower Bar/Mel Lumb Ceramics)

Textured Decor

What we love most about the rusted hues of burnt orange and terracotta is their unique ability to transcend from neutral to colour depending on how and what you style them with.

To support these bold hues, we recommend softening their vibrance with a combination of bleached textures and woven layers. Items like rattan plate chargers, sisal rugs or raffia light pendants are a great match for these warm shades.

Image via Pampa

Image via Pampa

Complimenting Colors

When planning your palette, there a range of hues to compliment these burnt summer tones.

As a guide, build your base with warm muted tones (beige, vanilla, ivory etc), before layering with textural decor (rattan, sisal, cane etc) and finishing with an optional accent colour (peach, pale pink, warm metallic tones or black).

Accenting Floral

Flowers are a great way of incorporating vibrancy or balancing out a saturated palette.

To soften the vibrancy of terracotta vases and decor, look to a floral palette consisting of bleached, ivory and dove tones.

If access to terracotta decor isn’t feasible, lift a muted palette of beige, vanilla and ivory with a selection of burnt floral and foliage throughout.

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