Perfecting The Minimalist Tablescape

Intentional, thoughtful design that breaks free of the noise around us. We show you how to achieve an effortless and humbling minimalist tablescape.

Minimalism – a process that promotes intentional living, allowing us to rid ourselves from the clutter and excess we subconsciously cling to.

With minimalism comes negative space and the lightness attached to this aesthetic provides us with an undeniable sense of freedom. One that allow us to relax in our surroundings to give the mind space to breath and the eyes time to digest.

(Image by Amber Reverie)

With the reduction in excess you can begin to build and layer your tablescape with thoughtful, meaningful décor items. Look to artisan products such as handmade ceramics, natural dyed fabrics and heirloom cutlery or crockery to style and layer. When curating items select ones that provoke conversation and encourage your guests to question where they were sourced and what they are made of.

Babes In Boyland

When layering your tablescape select a maximum of three features – these could be items with a more elaborate design or texture such as a vase, flower or fabric etc. The remaining décor should be thoughtful yet unimposing and blend into the background. Items such as glass candle holders, acrylic table numbers and ghost chairs work well.

Keep the colors to just a single shade, there is limited room for contrasting color in a minimalist tablescape. Instead create contrast with textures, light and shadow with your glassware, crockery and cutlery items. Most importantly when in doubt resort to the phrase of ‘quality over quantity’, every item on the table should be one of meaning, intention and beauty.


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