Garthmyl Hall, Wales, UK

A Georgian manor house with a romantic balance of old and new, framed by sprawling grounds and views that stretch into the Welsh countryside.

A stately manor is enveloped by forest. Tiny wildflowers dot an expansive countryside. Calming wind whistles a symphony that invites pause. Grandeur and ease collide. Historic walls hold a romantic past. Modern comforts beckon languid moments and lingering minds.

Wander along winding paths discovering the nuanced poetry of historic rooms or walk through forests that enwrap with soul.”

Nestled in the tranquility of the Welsh countryside’s sprawling forest stands Garthmyl Hall. This Georgian manor holds the romanticism of the past but unravels with the comfort of visiting a reimiagined estate. Here, one can wander along winding paths, discovering the nuanced poetry of historic rooms, or walk through forests that enwrap with soul.

The scent of damp earth and fresh foliage mingles with the aroma of wildflowers that dot the landscape. Stone walls encircle geometric gardens lined with groomed bushes amidst wild blooms. Lush, grand trees create poetic corners for unending tablescapes. Inside, spaces are designed to honor both functionality and comfort. A large ballroom with an ornate, high ceiling to accent cascading details, and stone fireplaces to be styled in moody palettes.

Whether enjoying the revelry of a candlelit dinner or the embrace of the grand outdoors, Garthmyl Hall enraptures you with the feeling of holding your wedding at your own private estate. A luxurious yet unpretentious feel. A sense of being exactly where you are meant to be. The past and present beautifully intertwined.

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The Magic

The Grounds

On the Welsh border, where Montgomeryshire meets Shropshire, Garthmyl Hall offers sweeping views across the peaceful countryside. The air is crisp and fragrant, scented with fresh pines. A magical location that provides an ideal backdrop of gardens and courtyards, holding the laid back regality of an English manor house. Surrounded by rolling hills and verdant landscapes typical of the Welsh countryside, Garthmyl Hall’s grounds exude the irresistible allure sought from European forests.


The Walled Garden

Tangled vines and knotted roses spill over trellises. Delicate wildflowers drip with colors and scent. Inspired by the nostalgia of The Secret Garden and the beauty of Aberglasney, the garden has been lovingly restored to balance natural wildness and careful cultivation. Historic stone walls encircle the garden, providing a sense of seclusion and intimacy.


The Orangery

A space drenched in natural sunlight, the Orangery creates poetic drama with its glass roof and grape vines. Expansive windows frame picturesque views of the surrounding gardens. The interplay of light and shadow creates a serene but textured atmosphere. A space for wedding brunches and receptions, it seats 35 for dining and 45 for ceremonies. Entwining the indoors with the outdoors, it’s the perfect setting to create a meandering wedding aisle with rambling wild blooms.

The Summer House

Featuring open walls that invite the gentle breeze and warm sunlight to permeate, the Summer House creates an airy atmosphere. Inside, cozy seating arrangements and soft furnishings provide a comfortable respite, while outside, a sun-drenched terrace offers panoramic views of the rolling countryside. Whether used as a hideaway or a welcoming space for small gatherings, the Summer House evokes the essence of a European summer.

The Cellar Bar

The Cellar Bar exudes air infused with the rich aroma of aged oak and fine spirits. Exposed brick walls and low ceilings adorned with wrought iron fixtures create a cozy atmosphere. Illuminated by soft candlelight, the bar invites guests to enjoy a curated selection of wines, craft beers, and artisanal cocktails. Whether savoring a quiet moment alone or mingling with friends, the Cellar Bar can serve as an ideal setting with its rustic accents for a pre-event night.

The Wedding

The Pre-Wedding Dinner

Hold a pre-wedding dinner nestled beneath ancient trees, where a long, winding table weaves through a canopy that dances with dappled light and shadow. As dusk falls, fairy lights strewn across the ground contrast beautifully with the gnarled, twisted branches above. Etched with the stories of centuries, nature sets an ambiance of timeless strength and serene beauty.

The Ceremony

Garthmyl’s circular gardens are a property highlight, with wild blooms sprouting in circular formations. For the ceremony, dot the circular shapes with garden chairs and accentuate them with additional rambling blooms to create a wedding aisle. To tie the whole setting together, craft a sculptural wedding arch that appears naturally lifted from the ground, adorned with delicate flowers and wild grasses.

The Aperitivo Hour

Utilize the manor house’s red brick hues as a backdrop for a laid-back aperitivo hour. With its warm and inviting tones, it creates the perfect atmosphere for guests to unwind into the evening.

The Reception

Utilize Garthmyl’s custom marquee, adorned with wisps of luxurious drapery spilling from the ceilings, to create a dramatic tablescape with oversized tablecloths. Contrast the softness with rich textures and tones. Accentuate the scene with a cascading champagne tower to add opulence to the textured setting.

For more information or inquiries about bookings visit the Garthmyl Hall website.




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