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An Otherworldly Wedding in Indonesia

Photography by MYEL and Calia Photo.

From the ephemeral installations to the atmosphere they transformed, every element was held in whimsical suspension for the wedding day of Ivana and Dion. 

For the ceremony, pooling ivory candles and a floating platform were engulfed by billowing foliage and a descending crystal bead fixture. Afterward, a circular candlelight reception table surrounded their sculptural three-tiered cake while chandeliers and draping installations hung hypnotically overhead.

The bride wore a bespoke 3D floral appliqued gown and designed her own bouquet of Hyacinthus, Phalaenopsis, and Iris, leaving a mark of modernity on every artfully chosen detail.

The wedding was dramatically captured by MYEL and Calia Photo.

wedding in indonesia

wedding in indonesia

wedding in indonesia

Our Story

Names / Ivana Anneta & Dion Antonio

Location / Bandung, Indonesia

Wedding Date / February 3rd, 2024

Guest Numbers / 320

Budget / $120,0000

wedding in indonesia

How We Met

Ivana and Dion crossed paths at a friend’s birthday bash. Introduced by mutual friends, their connection sparked instantly, leading to meaningful conversations and frequent meetups thereafter.


Our Engagement Story

In pursuit of a meaningful moment, Dion planned a trip to Australia, where Ivana had studied and endured a long-distance relationship. Amidst picturesque nature, at a serene Airbnb overlooking lakes, he proposed at sunset, adorned with white phalaenopsis and candles.


What we love most about each other…

In Dion’s eyes, Ivana’s unconditional acceptance and playful teasing are treasures. Her unwavering support in his darkest hours remains unmatched. Ivana cherishes Dion’s personality, his efforts to comprehend her, and his subtle acts of kindness that often go unnoticed yet deeply touch her heart. Together, they find solace in each other’s quirks, forging a bond strengthened by understanding, laughter, and silent gestures of love.

wedding in indonesia

wedding in indonesia

The Setting


Wedding Location

Ivana’s dream of an outdoor wedding clashed with February’s rain, prompting a search for a venue blending outdoor charm with indoor comfort. Imah Seniman emerged as the ideal choice. Its serene outdoor setting, featuring a floating stage on a lake, symbolized sacredness for their ceremony. Inspired by their engagement, they adorned the space with flickering candles, a testament to their love’s warmth. Imah Seniman‘s flexibility allowed for a candlelit indoor wedding reception, fulfilling Ivana’s vision. With breathtaking views and the ability to bring her imagination to life, Imah Seniman stood as the perfect backdrop for their union in Bandung.



Ivana drew inspiration from warm, romantic aesthetics, influenced by her love for art and flowers nurtured since childhood. As a florist, flowers held special significance, particularly white flowers symbolizing purity. Inspired by Chiharu Shiota’s installations at Art Museum in Jakarta, their wedding reception featured floral-shaped installations with intricate string designs and chandeliers for warmth and grandeur. Dion envisioned an “outdoor” ceremony and welcomed fondly the ideas from Tea Rose crafting a floating grass stage above the lake and incorporating a rainwater installation to blend with nature’s forest-like ambiance. With music stages above the lake, their wedding epitomized a harmonious fusion of creativity, nature, and romance.



Ivana’s day began at 2 am, adorned with excitement and anticipation. After a serene outdoor photoshoot, she shared heartfelt moments with her bridesmaids, exchanging specially crafted gifts, each tailored to their personalities. Tears welled up as she shared first looks with loved ones, culminating in an emotional handover from her parents to Dion. Meanwhile, Dion and his groomsmen embarked on their preparations at 5 am, engaging in fun-loving games with family before meeting Ivana. With a personally made bouquet in hand, Dion approached Ivana, his heart brimming with overwhelming emotion, affirming his profound love and readiness for their journey together. Their shared preparations mirrored their unique bond, filled with love, laughter, and cherished moments.



With two photographers, MYEL & Calia Photo, capturing their day, Ivana and Dion were enthralled by Calia Photo‘s dreamy, aesthetic style, perfectly embodying the warmth and romance of their wedding. MYEL‘s skillful direction for non-candid shots resulted in bright, expressive captures, showcasing every moment with excellence. Both wedding photographers encapsulated the love and joy shared, immortalizing their special day in frames filled with emotion and beauty.



Ivana and Dion chose Sincera Story for both their pre-wedding and wedding videography. Unlike a cinematic portrayal, Sincera Story crafted a personal, raw narrative that encapsulated every moment’s authenticity. From the laughter to the heartfelt exchanges, every emotion was captured, making their day feel like a dream brought to life. With a focus on genuine expressions and loved ones, Sincera Story transformed their wedding footage into a cherished keepsake, preserving the essence of their love story for eternity.

wedding in indonesia

Style Notes


Ceremony Décor

In the heart of nature’s embrace, the wedding ceremony unfolds upon a serene lake, a blend of elegance, modernity, and dreamy allure, all inspired by the bride’s vision of timeless sophistication and the beautiful venue itself.

A floating pathway on top of the water’s surface, guides Dion and Ivana towards the enchanting scene. Amidst the verdant backdrop, clusters of candles, a breathtaking rainwater crystal installation made out of more then 10000 crystals beads hangs suspended, casting shimmering reflections upon the tranquil surface of the lake.


Reception Décor

Inspired by Ivana’s love for art and the beautiful Imah Seniman, Tea Rose Wedding Designer aimed to create an ethereal and elegant reception by combining natural tones and modern art.

The interplay of chandeliers and threads hanging from above, crafting an atmosphere that exudes both elegance and a sense of connection throughout the reception. In addition to the thread installation, which added a poetic touch, Tea Rose Wedding Designer designed a circular setting in the middle, surrounded by tables with candles and florals.

An elegant table setup complete with white tablecloth, all white florals, various candles, antique glass plates and acrylic chairs, giving a timeless luxurious feel.

wedding in indonesia

wedding in indonesia

“Inspired by Chiharu Shiota’s art installations in Jakarta, floral-shaped installations with intricate string designs and chandeliers for warmth and grandeur hung from above.”

Wedding Planner & Stylist

Tea Rose Wedding Designer played pivotal roles in crafting Ivana and Dion’s dream wedding. Collaborating closely, they transformed her visions into reality, meticulously designing each aesthetic detail, from the lakeside ceremony to the reception hall. Ivana entrusted them with the overarching ambiance she desired, and they worked their magic, infusing her wedding with the perfect blend of elegance and charm. With their expert guidance and creative prowess, Tea Rose Wedding Designer helped Ivana’s wedding plans seamlessly coalesce, ensuring every aspect of her special day reflected her unique style and personality.



The bridal bouquet, lovingly crafted by the bride herself, was a delicate mix of various white flowers. A mixture of Hyacinthus, Phalaenopsis, narcissus ziva, astilbe, iris and meadowsweets. For the  night bridal bouquet it was simple all white Lilies and Phalaenopsis for an elegant and timeless look.

The wedding reception was beautifully decorated with white phalaenopsis, roses, gypsophila, and anthuriums, creating a harmonious blend of textures and shapes.

wedding in indonesia

wedding in indonesia


Ivana and Dion’s wedding invitations were a labor of love, personally designed to reflect the essence of her special day. Inspired by the wedding’s overall ambiance, she incorporated textured elements reminiscent of the threads used throughout the event, alongside embossed floral motifs for added elegance.

Favors & Bonbonniere

As a thoughtful touch, she crafted unique souvenirs—a pouch filled with travel-sized hand and body essentials, such as body wash and shampoo. The pouches, made of luxurious black velvet, echoed the design elements of the invitations, ensuring a cohesive and memorable theme carried throughout every aspect of the wedding celebration.


The wedding cake in black & white, marrying fine artistry with minimalist flair, was a striking testament to modern design. Its sleek lines and sculptural elements exuded sophistication, captivating guests with its contemporary allure.


Food & Beverages

Ivana and Dion opted for a seated fine dining experience with a family’s favourite menu, leveraging Ivana’s family restaurant for promotion. Guests savoured oriental shrimp salad, abalone with veggies, scallop in fried wonton skin, fried rice wrapped in lotus leaf, and deep-fried carp fish with sweet and sour sauce, culminating in mango panna cotta. Chinese Oolong tea accompanied each dish, with cocktail hour featuring small nibbles and cocktails. This fusion of elegant dining and cultural heritage added a personal touch, delighting guests with a gastronomic journey celebrating both love and tradition.

wedding in indonesia

Fashion & Beauty Notes


Bride’s Dress & Shoes

Ivana wore a custom made wedding gown by Yogie Pratama. An embodiment of grace comes to life through her voluminous sleek A-line for the ceremony, with 3D floral applique in form of tulle with twinkling crystal rhinestones in the middle blossoming around her tube neckline – which outgrew throughout her personalized veil, each intricate floral hand-stitched to her liking. Ivory floral lace Jimmy Choo sandals topped off her look.

She then changed into her reception gown which was nothing short of dazzling, with customized embroidery which were fully covered with crystal rhinestone and beadings. The looping embroidery an interplay of overlapping intricate lines glimmering with each hand-placed crystal Swarovski, mermaid silhouette works in her favor as it sculpts her figure bathing it with glamorous allure.



The bridesmaids dressed in black and white, standing by the bride as joyful companions with a touch of distinctive flair. Their stylish attire is completed with chic black mini bags, with pearl and beading details.


Wedding Rings, Jewelry & Accessories

Turning to The Finard for custom creations, Ivana and Dion sought unique rings with personal significance. Their choice of pink sapphire, reflecting Ivana’s affinity for crystals, symbolized profound love and unity in marriage. Complemented by rectangular diamond stones, the rings embodied enduring commitment and everlasting love. Each facet of their custom-made rings held profound meaning, encapsulating their journey together and the promise of a lifetime of happiness and devotion.

The bride chose to wear custom long baroque pearl drop earrings to complete the ceremony look and for the reception, diamond earrings in order to maintain a minimal and classic look, allowing the focus to remain on her dress.


Hair & Makeup

Ivana opted for a sophisticated middle bun for the ceremony, enhancing her natural beauty with makeup reflecting the clean girl aesthetic—subtle yet enhancing her features. For the reception, her hair cascaded down in a clean, straight style, while her makeup took on a bolder edge, inspired by Korean trends, featuring cool-toned blush and lips. Each look exuded elegance and charm, perfectly complementing Ivana’s radiant aura on her special day.


Groom’s Attire

Dion’s custom suits for the ceremony and reception were from Agus Lim.

He wore a wool light grey suit with black necktie then changed into a three-piece suit, featuring a two-button modern silhouette and faint line pattern. To complete the look, he wore Gucci horsebit loafer in black patent leather.

Groomsmen wore a two-piece black suit and tie.

wedding in indonesia

The Details



With nothing extravagant, Ivana and Dion each spent the night before the wedding separately with their respective entourages. Departing together in Dion’s car, they headed directly to their house, embarking on the journey as partners in life.

wedding in indonesia

wedding in indonesia

Wedding Songs

For Ivana and Dion, music played a pivotal role in crafting unforgettable moments. Their ceremony resonated with the instrumental beauty of “The Vow” by Ruth Anne, a song that painted a vision of their union. During the reception, Ivana serenaded Dion with “Sampai Jadi Debu” by Banda Neira, a romantic gesture symbolizing enduring love. Their first dance, set to Justin Bieber’s “Lifetime,” encapsulated the essence of their relationship, a melody they cherished long before their wedding and one that continues to hold a special place in their hearts. Each song woven into their day added depth and meaning to their journey together.



Ivana and Dion curated a unique blend of pop and jazz for their wedding entertainment. With a live band at the helm, the atmosphere was vibrant and lively, perfectly complementing their eclectic musical tastes. While they had their own playlist, the band also crafted a curated selection inspired by their preferences, ensuring every song resonated with their vision for the celebration. From upbeat tunes to soulful melodies, the music set the tone for an unforgettable evening filled with joy, laughter, and timeless memories of love and togetherness.



Ivana and Dion opted for Gultom and Harried as their Master of Ceremony, drawn to their charismatic presence and ability to infuse events with laughter and joy. Having witnessed their dynamic hosting at numerous weddings and events, they knew Gultom and Harried would ensure their special day was filled with fun and memorable moments. Their choice proved perfect, as their guests were entertained and engaged throughout the celebration, creating an atmosphere of pure delight and happiness that echoed their own joy.



Ivana and Dion exchanged both traditional church vows and deeply personal ones they crafted themselves. While they prefer to keep the contents private, their vows were intimate and heartfelt, reflecting the depth of their love and commitment to each other on their special day.

wedding in indonesia

“As if poetry in decor, the interplay of lighting and threads hanging from above, created an atmosphere that exuded both elegance and a sense of connection.”

Our Advice


A memorable moment…

Amidst the exhaustive planning, Ivana found beauty in discovering shared tastes with Dion while selecting vendors, strengthening their bond. On the wedding day, Dion’s heartfelt surprise—a video recounting their journey together—left an indelible mark, filled with love and cherished memories. Equally unforgettable was Ivana’s serenade of “Sampai Jadi Debu” to Dion, a moment brimming with emotion, symbolizing their enduring commitment and the depth of their love, forever etched in their hearts as a testament to their union.


One thing I wish I knew before I started my wedding plans…

Looking back on her wedding planning escapades, Ivana chuckles at the memory of obsessing over others’ opinions, realizing it was like juggling flaming hoops while riding a unicycle—exhausting! If she could hit rewind, she’d give those opinions a good ol’ “bye-bye” wave and focus on her own dreams. And note to self: always, ALWAYS check the sound system. As for that stunning wedding dress, it’s currently hanging out in the wardrobe like a forgotten superstar, Ivana’s suggesting for other bride to use a rental. But, despite all that, the day was an absolute blast!

The surreal flowers and decorations were straight out of a dream, the photobooth had guests giggling like kids, and the dance floor during the afterparty was LIT! If she could do it all again, she’d dial up the fun, trust her gut, and make every moment count!

If I could give other couple’s one piece of advice…

If there’s one piece of advice she’d offer to other couples, it’s this: Have fun! Wedding planning can feel like a whirlwind, but it’s a once-in-a-lifetime journey. Enjoy every moment, from choosing the cake to picking out the perfect playlist. Remember, it’s your day, so prioritize what you and your spouse want above all else. Don’t sweat the small stuff—imperfections are part of what makes your day uniquely yours. So relax, embrace the chaos, and trust that everything will fall into place beautifully. After all, love is the true centerpiece of your celebration!


Sources of inspiration…

Drawing inspiration from the boundless realm of social media, Ivana scoured Instagram and Pinterest for a treasure trove of wedding ideas. She also tapped into her creative network, bouncing ideas off her decorator and stylist, who proved invaluable allies in bringing her vision to life. Ivana embraced the notion that inspiration can strike anywhere, jotting down ideas as they popped into her head and eagerly discussing them with her trusted confidants. In this whirlwind of creativity and collaboration, she found the perfect recipe for a wedding that was uniquely hers.

wedding in indonesia

Our Contacts


Wedding Venue / Imah Seniman

Stylist & Decorator / Tea Rose Wedding Designer & The White Journals

Planner / Testimo

Photography / MYEL & Calia Photo

Videography / Sincera Story

Bride’s Dress / Yogie Pratama

Bride’s Shoes / Jimmy Choo

Wedding Rings / The Finard

Hair / Icee Rosiana

Makeup / Makara Makeup

Florist / Tea Rose Wedding Designer

Cake / Sweet Salt

Catering / Imperial Bandung

Entertainment / Marcella Music

Bouquet & Corsage / She Meets Flower



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