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Whimsical Elegance in Tuscany

Photography by Fotomagoria for Ewa and Philip.

High on the Polish Tatra Mountains, Ewa and Philip met after a day of snowboarding, crossing paths at the evening’s après-ski. Two weeks later and their whirlwind romance culminated in a surprise proposal, a spontaneous decision made together over breakfast.

Blessed with an innate sense of ease and an ineffable kind of serenity, Ewa and Philip set about planning their wedding in the Tuscan Hills. Operating to a mantra of trust and harmony, the couple relinquished control, allowing the venue and their planner to create a setting that was inimitably Tuscan.

After a morning spent lounging poolside, the couple exchanged vows in the estate’s ancient chapel, Ewa in a silk dress of her own design. As the day progressed, guests mingled on the lawn and grazed on harvest tables on the terrace. As night fell, dinner was served on tables strewn with candles, guests toasting to the couple as the air was filled with the irresistible sounds of Italian Jazz…


Photography by Fotomagoria.

Our Story

Names / Ewa & Philip

Wedding Date / September 13, 2017

Guest Numbers / 32

How we Met

We met in the Polish Tatra Mountains. I went there to celebrate New Year’s Eve and for some snowboarding. Philip, a friend of a friend, joined a couple of days later. The first time we met I were standing behind Philip in a restaurant where he ordered tomato soup. He seemed a little bit sad. Later, when we were already dating, he told me that he was feeling down after having a bad year and was unsure whether to go or not. Today I can say that I am very happy that he decided to go!


Our Engagement Story

It was January and we had known each other for just two weekends. We were having breakfast and Philip decided to propose! It was all was so spontaneous yet natural and we just paid for breakfast and went looking for an engagement ring. We both knew that we are meant for each other and that we want to spend the rest of our lives together.

The whole situation was both hilarious and exciting, as I would never thought something like this would happen to me. After having found the perfect ring we went to nearby wooden pier where Philip kneeled down and asked me to be his wife. We later decided to get married the same year, in September.


Marriage to us Means

Ewa: Everyday I am thankful to have such a friend for the rest of my life and I will always to my best to make Philip happy and support him in all his endeavors – this is marriage for me. I cannot imagine a life without him

Philip: I am grateful for having found the love of my life at such a relatively young age (I am 33). Being able to share the good, the bad and even the boring moments in life with someone as great a person as Ewa is truly wonderful, something that I find hard to explain. Marriage is being able to be yourself but trying every day to become a better person.

The Details

Wedding Location

We wanted to have a wedding in someplace warm, as Poland gets a bit cold in September. It was a choice between Italy and France. Philip’s father suggested Tuscany and after a short look on the internet we went for it. Federica, our wedding planner, suggested Tenuta Mocajo, a lovely winery close to the town of Cecina. It was perfect as we had enough room for all our guests and even a small chapel on location. The owners were wonderful hosts and made sure that all of us had a great time during our five day stay. We will definitely be going back.


Theme & Style

From the beginning, we both agreed on having a relaxed and “Tuscan style” wedding – flowers, herbs, great sunset and wine wedding. We also didn’t stress ourselves that everything had to be perfect. We decided to trust Federica and the Tenuta Mocajo team and asked them what they liked most, as they know more about what is local and Tuscan than we do.



Magdalena Głowacka (from Fotomagoria), our wedding photographer, is, in my opinion, is one of the most talented photographers in her field. I met her at my bridesmaid’s wedding and instantly fell in love with her work. We asked Magda to shoot our wedding in a “documentary” style to keep it natural. She fully understood the style we wanted. Thank you Magda!

Fashion Notes


Bride’s Dress

As I run my own streetwear label, I decided to just go for it and to design my own wedding dress. It was definitely something much different than what I normally do but I thought I’d give it a try!

I had many ideas, but in the end I decided to go for a design inspired by the 70s. My dress was made from 30 meters of white silk and a 4 meter long veil. It was all sewn by Bogdanka Studion in Warsaw – a group of exceptionally talented and professional people, as sewing silk takes a lot of skill.

I had so much fun doing this that I decided to further explore this business. If you want to have a look, check out @ewamullerbridal on Instagram!


Bride’s Shoes

White Isabel Marant cowboy boots and 70s style high heels by Buffallo London.


Bridesmaid’s Dress

I only had one bridesmaid and she’s a stylist so I didn’t tell her what to wear as I knew that she would look stunning. The same went for the rest of our guests – wear what you want.

Wedding Rings

Our friend, Agnieszka Szews, a jeweller, had made us beautiful classic wedding rings made from white gold. As for the engagement ring, Philip gave me a Boucheron diamond white gold ring.


Jewelry & Accessories

I chose an Anka Krystyniak bracelet and necklace.


Groom’s Attire

Philip wore a custom tailored classic smoking jacket made from natural Italian wool.


Hair & Makeup

I kept my hair and makeup similar to how I wear it every day. I went for a natural look but added a golden head piece to my hair which held my veil in place.

Style Notes



Philip has his own ad agency which made this way easier. We asked Dominika Gan, a friend and employee, to create a branding for our wedding, as well as design all prints.

For our invitations we decided to send out a bottle of Tuscan white wine with the label being the invitation. This was all packed in a fire-branded wooden box.


Flowers & Bouquets

We decided to go for a classic Tuscan scenery with local flowers and herbs.



To be honest, I spent half the day sitting at the pool with curlers in my hair and a glass of prosecco in my hand. I didn’t want to stress myself to much and take too long to prepare. I wanted this day to be fun and chill. Worth it!


Headpieces & Veils

Find our handpicked edit of Headpiece and Veil designers from around the world on the Directory.

Ceremony Décor & Reception Décor

The decorations were mostly flowers and herbs. After it got dark, candle light filled the place, very romantic!


Wedding Planner & Wedding Stylist

Our wedding planner was Federica Guandalini from Weddings in Italy by Regency. She is such a great person and made this event happen! Without her we would have been lost.

The first time we met her and have seen the location we chose was 2 days before our big day. We trusted her and she went beyond our expectation making this the best day in our life.


We went for a naked cake with sponge cake, mascarpone and red fruit. All decorated with flowers.



We wanted our wedding to be as Italian as it could be, so we chose a band called Italian Trio suggested by Federica. We just asked them to play what they liked and they delivered! After dinner we had a pool party with our friend Dominika being the DJ.


Food & Beverages

After the ceremony we had a standing reception with a huge buffet on the terrace at sunset filled with absolutely amazing local food, wine, prosecco and some simple cocktails. Afterwards we had a dinner at one long table with more fantastic local food.



We all took a plane to Pisa, where we rented 4 vans and drove down to Tenuta Mocajo. The cars were free to use to our guests during the stay, so many decided to go on some sightseeing trips.

Special Details


A Memorable Moment

Our friend, Alex Wawrzyniak, was playing the piano while decorations were being put up. A very moving moment.


If I could give other Brides-To-Be one Piece of Advice

Make this day fun. It is your day. Don’t stress yourself to much, it doesn’t have to be perfect or as planned, just have fun!

Our Contacts

Photography / Fotomagoria

Bride’s Dress / Ewa Müller

Bride’s Shoes / Isabel Marant, Buffalo London

Wedding Rings / Agnieszka Szews

Jewelry & Accessories / Anka Krystyniak, Kitte

Stationery / Dominka Gan

Florist, Cake & Planner / Weddings Italy

Wedding Venue & Catering / Tenuta Mocajo