White Washed Spaces

The infinite light and tranquil enchantment of a landscape washed white

Captivated by the quiet beauty and infinite light found in spaces bleached of all color, we’re drawn to ceremonial spaces offering a mood of balance, simplification and purity.

We love the idea of stripping away all but that is essential, creating a calm and timeless space, free from props, clutter, trends and fads – instead, finding beauty in surrounds of breathtaking sparsity. Ethereal, almost otherworldly spaces act as an antidote to everything that is over-styled in weddings, things that seek only to distract from the moment of exchanging vows and intentions.

From majestic cathedrals bathed in light, tiny chapels set amidst white desert sands and entire villages washed of color… we have put together an edit of spaces offering a cleansed, white washed space for events. Also consider naturally white landscapes – stretches of white sand dunes in warmer climes, or for a winter wedding – a snow blanketed space.


White Washed Spaces

Church of Paraportiani, Mykonos, Greece
Churches of Santorini,
Ostuni (the white city), Puglia, Italy
Alberobello, Italy.
Gruntvig’s Church, Copenhagen, Denmark
Hallgrímskirkja, Reykjavik, Iceland
Nuestra Señora del Carmen,



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