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  • Gillian Bell CakeGillian Bell Cake

    Gillian Bell Cake

    Gillian Bell’s cakes are seasonal, fresh and handmade from organic and locally sourced ingredients. Her cakes are completely bespoke, with recipes developed in consultation with couples so their cake will be as unique and as special as their wedding day. Cakes with flavours like fig & violet, strawberry & elderflower or blackcurrant & white chocolate – then filled with homemade conserves, curds and buttercreams made from organic fruits & flowers grown in her own postage stamp - sized garden, or sourced from other local producers.

    Location: Australia+
  • Jasmine Rae CakesJasmine Rae Cakes

    Jasmine Rae Cakes

    As a San Francisco native and self-proclaimed #texturejunkie, Jasmine creates cakes that play with the tension between gritty and soft, solid and diaphanous, and aged and fresh. Complexity is conveyed through the balance of light and shadow in simple compositions that communicate 'one point'. You'll be welcomed into the magic of a collaborative design process that honors your relationship, aesthetic, and vision, then expressed in a style that is clean and deliberate, yet organic and sensitive. 

    Location: United States (all states)


    At TOME, our approach to dessert styling is both sensory and sumptuous. Using decadent molten layers with flavour-rich profiles, we aspire to striking the perfect balance between the visually opulent and the undeniably delicious. From our carefully decorated cakes to the indulgence of our smaller desserts and special occasion donuts, our focus is on both innovation and detail executed with seasonally fresh ingredients.

    Location: Australia+

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