Real Weddings

A Chic Celebration by the Sea

Natalia & Cale by Courtney Illfield

It’s always the quiet moments that echo the loudest. The unguarded captures, the stillness found in each other while celebrations unfold around you. With an almost intuitive way of capturing these ephemeral moments in between, we’re forever inspired by the work of Courtney Illfield and the magical frames in her latest Real Wedding.

An emotively documented ceremony by the sea, Natalia and Cale’s Noosa wedding was a celebration infused with natural elements inspired by oceanic surrounds; a gown encrusted with hand sewn french pearls and crystalline textures, urns overflowing with cascading wildflowers in earthy tones. As afternoon segued into night, guests were lead into a wildly opulent celebration filled with bohemian accents, gilded candelabra and jewel tone blooms by none other than the talented Janet of Grandiflora…

Our Story

Names / Natalia & Cale

Wedding Date / November 5, 2016

Guest Numbers / 100