Aged Metallic Tints

An exploration of wedding cakes finished in aged metallic tints for an ethereal edge.

Add ethereal beauty to your wedding with cake designs finished in a delicate palette of metallic patinas. Incorporate iced techniques that artfully mimic the earth’s fractured surfaces met with gilded finishes that add a luxurious, jewel-like character and quality.

Jasmine Rae Cakes

Jasmine Rae Cakes

What makes these artistic designs so intriguing to the eye is the juxtaposition of iridescent palettes with imperfect or fractured-like finishes. To take this concept a step further, additional contrast can be achieved with a simple dressing of contemporary lined florals. Or should you wish to retain the cakes aged and imperfect appearance, gilded stems with textural silhouettes can be included.

Style Tip

Explore the full spectrum of metallic tints and patinas when planning your cake design. Look to layering brushed textures with polished surfaces and pearlescent sheens with matte finishes. Abstain from an all over full gloss/shine finish, the beauty is born through the textural imperfections and the cracks of a gold leaf application.


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