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A Segue of Seasons

August’s twin full moons paint the sky with a display of amber luminosity as dusk settles in. Drawing inspiration from August wedding colors, we’ve curated a mood board that captures the essence of events illuminated by the lingering light of the season.





Golden, ethereal, warm, luminous



Soft shades of auburn and bronze mimic the warm embrace of the setting sun, while deepening tones of dusty silver and mauve evoke the twilight sky. Golden amber and burnished copper add a touch of radiance, resembling the last rays of sunlight before nightfall.



Set along the water’s edge, a place where gentle ripples catch the golden hues, transforming the expanse into a shimmering canvas of warm tones. A scene that exudes an ethereal ambiance, where serene waters mirror the hues of the sky, evoking the peaceful transition between day and night and welcoming August wedding colors.



Shared tables set in the shallows of water, adorned with candlelit dinners casting warm shadows. The glistening amber glassware catches the fading light, while earthy tones evoke a sense of grounded elegance. Abstract figures balance the horizon lines, enhancing the artful ambiance and embracing the idea that simplicity can be powerfully captivating.



Envision flowing silhouettes in beige and bronzed hues, blending effortlessly with the palette’s warm tones. Starting with elegant silk slips to flowing gowns, adorned with jewelry that reflects the radiance of burnished copper. Infuse the textures found at the venue into your attire through pleating or ruched fabric details. Embrace the allure of a natural beauty look, accentuated by warm bronze shades and delicate blush tones that evoke the gentle glow of a sun-kissed sunset. Enhance the aesthetic with sculptural shoes that add a touch of artistry.


Main Image: Jennifer Stenglein



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