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Calleija 2019 Campaign

Dancing light; the interplay of light and shadow colliding into a kaleidoscope of mesmerising fine jewels, directed by The Lane


Dancing light; the interplay of light and shadow colliding in the new Calleija campaign by The Lane. Featuring a kaleidoscope of mesmerising stones, artfully embellished into sculptural fine jewelry fusing classical elements with a modern ingenuity. Calleija, known for their flowing designs and desire to push the boundaries, are a beautiful synergy with our own philosophies here at The Lane; creating for the bold creatives forever exploring the world, seeking new forms of self expression and inspiration, reflective of their own individualism.

In collaboration with Calleija, we creatively direct, produce and style the 2019 campaign featuring their ‘Glacier Diamond‘, ‘Pink Diamond‘ and ‘Colored Diamond & Gemstones‘ collections. Each intoxicated with an ethereal romance, luminescent diamonds adorn delicate fine jewels, capturing the Calleija woman in all her splendour.

Glacier Diamond

Like undulating tides, dancing with the morning light, illuminating and reflecting the treasured sentiments of love. The Glacier Diamond exudes a glistening brightness that enchants and intoxicates, radiating a pure brilliance unmatched by any other. Born from patience and true craftsmanship, the Glacier Diamond is a uniquely developed cut exclusive to Calleija, mirroring the timelessness and ingenuity of the brand. 

Pink Diamond

An enigmatic stone, awash with a myriad of mirrored pink hues, a curiosity of the natural world. The Pink Diamond flutters in dusky roses, delicate peach, vivid mauves and deep crimsons, sought after for their unique beauty, rarity and exclusivity. Dug up from the depths of the Australian earth, each Calleija Pink Diamond piece is designed to serve as a timeless heirloom, treasured through future generations. 

Colored Diamond & Gemstones

Stones bursting in a mesmerizing kaleidoscopic palette, artfully paired with contrasting cuts and set amongst sculptural statement pieces. Vivid marigolds framed with pavéd white diamonds, hypnotic black diamonds delicately clustered into fluid forms and lucid greens eclectically patchworked with dusky pink and rich blue diamonds. The Colored Diamond and Gemstone collection is decadent, fuelled by a dark romance and certain iridescence into spellbinding, memorable pieces.

Shop the full collection or book a consultation for a bespoke design via the Calleija website.


Photography / Darren McDonald @ The Artist Group

Videography / Dear Vincent 

Creative Direction / Karissa Dalton @ The Lane Creative Agency

Styling / Emma Westblade @ The Lane Creative Agency

Models / Louise Van De Vorst @ IMG and Samantha Fendall @ Priscillas

Hair & Makeup / Angie Barton and Ashlea Penfold @ The Jam


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