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A Contemporary Wedding on the Outskirts of Paris

Photography by Megan Kelly.

Steeped in both modernity and timeless elegance, Chateau Bouffémont held Nimmi and Baptiste’s wedding day. 

With a backdrop of ornate ceilings, marble floors, and rambling gardens, the chateau’s grandeur was the perfect complement to every artfully selected detail. 

Underneath the grand external staircase, the reception unfolded with tablescapes reminiscent of still life paintings, dotted with baguettes, ornate bowls of artichoke and oranges, and cascading amaranthus that created the illusion of dripping candle wax.  

The bride’s dress, designed by Nensi Dojaka, was poetically non-traditional, adorned with intricate straps and lace detailing inspired by lingerie. 

The wedding was masterfully captured by Megan Kelly.

chateau wedding france

chateau wedding france

Our Story

Names / Nimmi Premaratne & Baptiste Boileau

Location / Bouffémont, France

Wedding Date / July 5th, 2023

Guest Numbers / 80

chateau wedding france

chateau wedding france

How We Met

Our love story began in the most unexpected way, initially hesitant about online dating, one covid night over a wine and cheese, my girlfriend made me reluctantly join the app. Baptiste was the first and only person I met on the app. Before meeting in person we exchanged quite a few conversations, it was Baptiste’s kindness, humour and authenticity that made me feel compelled to meet him.

Soon after we met, our love blossomed and deepened, and we realized that we were meant to be together. Despite Baptiste having a return flight home to France, he decided to stay.

The decision to stay marked the beginning of a beautiful journey together. I am forever grateful for that unexpected night and twist of fate that led us together, and the rest truly is history.


Our Engagement Story

Our engagement unfolded during a memorable trip to France, a journey back to Baptiste’s roots after the challenged of the pandemic. What I didn’t realise was that Baptiste has orchestrated the entire trip as a prelude to proposing to me, a secret plan known to everyone except me.

One of the highlights of the trip was a visit to Pommard, a picturesque wine region in Burgundy that captivated us both. After a scenic four-hour drive, we arrived at Chateau Pommard for a wine tasting experience. Little did I know that this setting, with just the sommelier present, would become the backdrop for a life-changing moment. It was here, admits the vineyards, that Baptiste took me by surprise and asked me to spend forever with him.


What we love most about each other…


I absolutely admire Baptiste for his kindness, authenticity, and immense love. He has an incredible way of making me feel like the most important person in the world, always cheering me on and standing by my side. With him, I feel empowered to embrace my true self without any reservations.

He has an ability to bring laugher into our lives and find joy in the little things.

We adore having fun and indulging in extravagant experiences, but we also find immense joy in the simplicity of life’s pleasures.


I adore Nimmi for her humility and kindness. She is a unique blend of complexity and simplicity, which adds to her charm. With Nimmi, I feel loved and secure every day, knowing she is always by my side.

Nimmi is incredibly supportive of my goals and aspirations, constantly encouraging me to strive for the best vision of myself. On top of that, she is the funniest person I know!

chateau wedding france

chateau wedding france

“My dress perfectly captured a balance between effortlessness and intricate beauty. It featured exquisite lace detailing inspired by lingerie, adding a touch of sensuality and elegance.”

The Setting


Wedding Location

Once engaged, I was very persistent to visit venues whilst we were in France. I knew in my heart that the venue we chose had to feel right for both of us and although I travel to Paris a lot for work, I wanted to make sure we visited the venue together.

The only requirement we both had was that it needed to be close to Paris to make it easy for our loved ones travelling from Australia. We visited three venues, a beautiful Abbey, a Chateau and a hotel in the heart of Paris.

The moment we arrived at the Chateau Bouffémont, we knew it was the one. It struck the perfect balance of discretion and intimacy while exuding grandeur, history and modernity – a reflection of our personalities and style.

We were fortunate to hire the entire Chateau Bouffémont and it’s grounds for two nights. Having the bridal party and our families being able to stay at the venue added a special touch to the experience.

Our reception, ceremony and recovery all unfolded at the Chateau Bouffémont, just as we had envisioned – exchanging our vows outdoors admits the Chateau’s splendour, dining and celebrating under the star lit sky.d


I really wanted our wedding aesthetic to have a sense of coolness and to feel very fashionable. Throughout the decision-making process, everything came back to creating an effortlessly chic vibe. Drawing from our backgrounds in creative industries, we aimed to create a celebration that was unique and authentic to us, steering away from traditional norms.

I aimed for a soft and harmonious color palette, focusing on tonal shades with minimal contrast that wouldn’t distract from Chateau Bouffémont and it’s beautiful surroundings.


On the morning of my wedding, I got ready with my bridesmaids and a select group of very close girlfriends. With the wedding scheduled for 5 pm, we had the entire day to prepare at a leisurely pace. We enjoyed listening to music while getting ready, and my bridesmaids arranged a lovely breakfast for us. We shared champagne, fruit, and snacks throughout the day.

chateau wedding france

chateau wedding france


Our photographer, Megan Kelly, was someone I have followed for quite some time. We were drawn to Megan Kelly because we wanted our wedding photography to feel modern, fashionable and cool, and Megan delivered exactly that. Despite our emphasis on a non-traditional approach, Megan also captured the essence and beauty of our special day and our union.

We specifically desired our photos to have a softness, attention to detail, and play with light, all of which Megan expertly executed. Working with her felt like having a close friend by our side. She was incredibly encouraging, warm, and brought a positive vibe to the entire process.

We are absolutely thrilled with our wedding phots, they are authentically capture the spirit and the emotions of our wedding day. Megan’s talent truly shines through in every shot.

chateau wedding france

chateau wedding france

Style Notes


Ceremony Décor

I wanted the ceremony to feel understated and capture and highlight the natural beauty of Chateau Bouffémont’s grounds. I found the perfect inspiration on the lane! A setting reminiscent of a picturesque rambling garden, exuding an effortless and beautiful vibe.

Reception Décor

Our dinner took place under the grand external staircases of Chateau Bouffémont, a feature we had always envisioned highlighting during our wedding reception. It felt as though the grandeur of these staircases was embracing us, adding an extra layer of magnificence and intimacy to our celebration.

For the tables, I put a lot of effort into making it feel cool and unconventional. Instead of traditional wedding florals arrangements, we opted for chandeliers adorned with dripping Amaranthus, resembling candle wax (inspired by imagery from Lune 1860). Each table was adorned with artistic bowls, arranged with fruits, breads, cheeses and vegetables meticulously styled to create a geometric aesthetic.

Following the dinner, the dancing unfolded inside Chateau Bouffémont, within the striking room adorned with marble floors and exquisite ornate ceilings. Being cocooned within Chateau Bouffémont‘s interior felt perfect as we danced the night away, surrounded by the elegance and cool charm.

chateau wedding france

chateau wedding france

Wedding Planner & Stylist

I had distinct vision of the look and feel I wanted for our wedding. Baptiste and I were deeply involved in every decision-making process, as it was crucial for us that our wedding reflected our heartfelt dedication. We wanted our guests to experience the same level of emotion and connection that we poured into it.

Our wedding planner, Claire Bucklow, was the organizational genius behind bringing our vision to life. With meticulous planning and attention to detail, she ensured that every aspect of our wedding was executed flawlessly.


The inspiration for my floral choices stemmed from fashion! Septically, I drew inspiration from the styling of the Fall 2022 Jacquemus runway. I was captivated by the models holding dripping bags that resembled bouquets, which became the starting point for infusing a dripping motif into all our floral arrangements. From our bouquets to the cascading Amaranthus, evoking the look of melting wax, each floral element echoed that exquisite dripping effect.

chateau wedding france


Our save the dates and wedding invitations and menus were meticulously crafted by Paul Gere and printed at Hungry Workshop in Melbourne. The design of our invitations and menus embraced a modern and clean aesthetic, with a focus on quality, tonal and minimal color selection, and with special attention paid to paper type.

Paul’s artistry extended to our stunning seating chart, which was printed on exquisite textured linen. It elegantly draped over the grand staircases where our dinner was held, adding a touch of beauty and sophistication to the ambiance.


For our wedding cake, we continued with our non-traditional approach. We enlisted the incredible French pastry chef Nina Metayer, who crafter an extraordinary XXL tarte framboise for us. The wedding cake was so magnificent that it required a special van for the delivery to Chateau Bouffémont!

During our cake cutting ceremony our wedding DJ played “Yummy” by Justin Bieber, adding a playful touch to the celebration. It was a moment filled with joy and fun, giving us the perfect opportunity to share a dance and create memories. This unique moment became one our favourite highlights of the day!

Food & Beverages

Just like with all our vendors, we enlisted the amazing talent of Chef Romu for our wedding. We had the pleasure of experiencing his culinary skills previously when he serves as a private chef at my birthday party in Melbourne. When we found out that he was now based in Paris, we were thrilled to ask him to cater for our wedding. We were overjoyed when he accepted, and we could truly feel the love in his food on our special day.

For our wedding reception, we opted to have canapes and food stations while we took photos after the ceremony. This allowed our guests to enjoy delicious bites during that time. For dinner, we chose a sit-down style. We wanted the food to be abundant and communal, with shared dishes placed on the table for everyone to enjoy at their own pace. We aimed for an intimate and relaxed atmosphere while ensuring the food exuded absolute refinement.

Selecting the right wines was very significant for Baptiste, so we spent considerable time discussing the menu with our chef to ensure perfect wine parings.

After dinner, we indulged in our amazing tarte framboise and enjoyed cocktails as the dancing festivities unfolded. To add a fun twist, we surprise everyone with burgers to cap of the night!

chateau wedding france

chateau wedding france

chateau wedding france

Fashion & Beauty Notes


Bride’s Dress & Shoes

My wedding dress, designed by Nensi Dojaka, reflected my passion for fashion. As a designer myself, I aimed for a dress that was fashion-forward, non-traditional, effortless, and cool. My top priority was to feel comfortable and unrestricted while walking down the aisle, avoiding the feeling of being constrained or rigid.

The dress perfectly captured this vision, striking a balance between effortlessness and intricate beauty. It featured exquisite lace detailing inspired by lingerie, adding a touch of sensuality and elegance to the look.

The Veil, also designed by Nensi Dojaka, feature a delicate lace that perfectly complemented my wedding look. Paired with Valentino platform shoes, adding a sophisticated and cool touch.

Wedding Rings, Jewelry & Accessories

My wedding ring needed to complement the unique shape of my engagement ring, which was designed by Baptiste along with a jeweler in Paris and sits flat on my finger. To achieve this, I opted for a wrap-style design for my wedding ring that would harmonize perfectly with my engagement ring. Natasha Schweitzer, a jeweler, had the ideal wedding ring for me—a stunning wrap-style band adorned with marquise diamonds.

Baptiste’s wedding ring was crafted by jeweller Seb Brown. Given Baptiste’s affinity for wearing multiple rings, he desired something truly unique that would be a lifelong symbol exclusively his.

On my wedding day, I opted for very minimal jewellery. My earrings were custom designed by a dear friend using freshwater pearls, creating a unique and sentimental piece that I will cherish forever.

Hair & Makeup

For my wedding day, I had a clear vision for my hair and makeup. I wanted my hair to have an effortless, non-bridal appearance, displaying my true self with sleek and healthy hair that didn’t appear overly styled.  My dear friend Ilona Gold, who is a very talented hairdresser, brought this vision to life flawlessly and with a lot of love.

Likewise, I aimed for my makeup to enhance my natural beauty, making me feel radiant and confident. I wanted a natural look that would bring out the best version of myself on our special day. Carla Dyson, my make up artist, skilfully achieved this, making me feel exactly as I had envisioned.

Groom’s Attire

Baptiste, like myself, aimed for a fashionable and non-traditional look. He chose a Namiman double-breasted suit in a chocolate-grey tone, crafted in Japan. Paired with handmade black oxford-style shoes from Crockett and Jones and black tie.

The groomsmen were in matching sand-colored suits, custom tailored and made in Normandy, France, to coordinate beautifully with the bridesmaid’s attire.

chateau wedding france

chateau wedding france

“I drew inspiration from the the Fall 2022 Jacquemus runway. Captivated by the models holding dripping bags that resembled bouquets, it became the starting point for infusing a dripping motif into all our floral arrangements.”

chateau wedding france

The Details



Baptiste arrived in a vintage Mercedes and my bridesmaids, and I arrived in an Uber van with all our bags!


Italy was always our top choice for our honeymoon, and we had an unforgettable 10 days exploring the beautiful region of Puglia. Our journey began at the stunning 20th– century Castle Elvira in Lecce, where we were enchanted by its history and charm.

Our next stop was the enchanting ‘white city’ of Ostuni, where we indulged in amazing local cuisine and wandered through the picturesque streets. We had the pleasure of staying at the breathtaking Masseria Moreseta in Ostuni, a truly magical experience.

The highlight of our honeymoon was undoubtedly our time in Tricase, located in the southern part of Puglia. We drove along the stunning cliffs and coastline, taking in the breathtaking views. Our stay at the magnificent 19th – century Palazzo Daniele was a dream come true, and we highly recommend it to anyone visiting Puglia. Our honeymoon was filled with unforgettable moments and incredible experiences that we will cherish forever.

chateau wedding france

chateau wedding france

Wedding Songs

Ceremony Song: La Vie En Rose by Laura & Anton

After Ceremony Song: Sincerely by Louis Armstrong

Cake Cutting Song: Yummy by Justin Bieber

First Dance Song: The Most Beautiful Girl in the World by Prince


Music played a pivotal role in our wedding, and we entrusted the entertainment to Sebastien Lanteri, a close friend to Baptiste and a very talented wedding DJ. He did an exceptional job and contributed significantly to making our day memorable

Gift Registry

Baptiste and I were incredibly grateful for the effort and distance many of our guests travelled to be part of our wedding day. Our greatest wish was simply to have them there to witness our union and celebrate with us. Therefore, we made the decision not to have a gift registry, as their presence and love were the most meaningful gifts we could have received.


Baptiste and I come from different cultural backgrounds – Baptiste is French, and I am Australian. Our wedding was a beautiful fusion of these two worlds, and we wanted a celebrant who could honour and celebrate that unique blend with us.

NaïmTerrache was our wedding celebrant, and he remains a standout highlight for many who attended our wedding. Our wedding planner, Claire, introduced us to Naïm Terrache. We specifically wanted someone who could fluently speak both French and English, which was a crucial aspect we wanted to incorporate into our wedding ceremony.

Naïm truly embodied our relationship and the merging of our two worlds perfectly. We had reservations about having someone unfamiliar speak about our love, but Naïm, whom we met over a coffee in Paris, spoke authentically and from his heart. It felt natural, genuine, and sincere, leaving a lasting impact on everyone who witnessed our wedding ceremony.

I still get goosebumps when I think about the words he shared about our love.



I decided to surprise Baptiste during our wedding ceremony by speaking my vows in French! In the weeks leading up to the wedding, I took French lessons to ensure that I could express myself perfectly. It was a deeply meaningful and unforgettable moment for both of us.

Our Advice


A memorable moment…

One of the most unforgettable moments during our recovery day was arranged by a very close friend of Baptiste’s, who was the wedding DJ. As the sun began to set and he played one of our now favourite songs, we all gravitated towards the outdoor dance floor. It became an unforgettable last dance, symbolising the cumulation of two magical days.

This moment is one that I believe we will all hold dear in our hearts forever. It was a time where we felt deeply connected, surrounded by the love and joy of everyone present. Dancing together under the setting sun was a beautiful reminder of the love and happiness that filled our wedding celebrations.

One thing I wish I knew before I started my wedding plans…

Your wedding day should be a reflection of who you are as a couple. If you’re not fond of traditions, feel empowered to eliminate them and create your own unique experience!

I wish I had dedicated more time to savouring the morning of my wedding with my closest loved ones. I found myself consumed by nerves and about all the details, which prevented me from fully enjoying the moment.

The hours leading up to the wedding are incredibly precious, often overlooked amidst the hustle and bustle of preparations. While people often emphasis being present during the wedding ceremony and reception not enough attention is given to the significance of being present in the morning of the wedding. It’s a time for creating special memories and cherishing precious moment s with loved ones before starting the next chapter of your life.

Sources of inspiration…

The Lane truly was a huge source of visual inspiration.

We also strongly preferred working with vendors recommended by friends, having a personal connection with our vendors was important to us.

Our Contacts


Wedding Venue / Chateau Bouffémont

Wedding Stylist & Planner / Black Finn Weddings

Photography / Megan Kelly

Bride’s Dress / Nensi Dojaka

Bride’s Shoes / Valentino

Wedding Rings / Natasha Schweitzer & Seb Brown

Hair / Ilona Gold

Makeup / Carla Dyson

Groom / Namiman

Bridesmaids / Jacquemus

Stationery / Paul Gere

Florist / Tepee Sauvage

Cake / Nina Metayer

Catering / Romu Paris

Celebrant / Naïm Terrache

Entertainment / Sebastien Lanteri



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