Groomsmen Gifts

Groomsmen gift inspiration

The layers we adorn ourselves in, fragrances we wear, and pieces we choose to fill our homes with each add to the rich tapestry that is our own personal story. The act of gift giving is a chance to add to someone’s personal story with treasures that deeply resonate. 

For the morning of a wedding, an anniversary, or even better – for no reason all, gift your groom pieces that show your understanding of who they are, which delve far deeper than the tangible object. Using their personal aesthetic as a guide, choose gifts that mirror the colors, fabrics, textures, and tones that speak volumes about the parts of his personality he chooses to share.  We’ve put together a few of our favorites…

The Classicist

A man that exudes a boldly alluring elegance, embodies sophistication and effortless style. A charismatic man who celebrates lavishly and draws inspiration from dark, decadent nights.

The Sophisticated Minimalist

Epitomising chic sophistication this man is drawn to minimalist surrounds and clean palettes. You’ll find him dressed in summer alternatives to the classic black tux allured by warmer clients – a palette of crisp whites and neutrals offset with sharp black details.

The Earthy Bohemian

The bohemian soul who moves through his transient surrounds with ease, reflected by clothing worn with breezy insouciance. Every object he collects, every layer of fabric that adorns him is imbued with story told through their worn, faded tones or imprinted markings. The colours he wears are pulled from his raw surrounds, a palette of earthy neutrals – charcoal, concrete, tan and ivories.



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