Sartorial Masterpieces – Cagteks Bridal

Renowned for their couture technique and visionary custom textiles, Istanbul-based Cagteks Bridal blend innovation with the allure of heritage and tradition.

Stepping into the Cagteks Bridal atelier is like walking into a couture dream. Swathes of exquisite fabrics are moulded into sculptural silhouettes. Artisans construct architectural corsets and shape floral appliqué. Details are added, subtracted and finessed until they take form as sartorial masterpieces, weaving together nostalgic silhouettes with modern visions for bridal.

With nearly half a century of bridal design expertise, the Istanbul-based label draws from a rich heritage. The artisanal studio spans an inspiring 8,000-square-meter space, housing showrooms, the atelier, embroidery machinery workrooms, and botanical oasis, Le Parc de Mariage. Here, patterns designs and fabrics are handcrafted in-house, stretching the boundaries of bridal textiles.

Cagteks Bridal

Inside studio is an ethereal dreamscape.  Mannequins are encased by sheer corsetry in boldly alluring shapes. Sculptural roses spill and fall to the bottom of transparent tulle. Ephemeral layers are dotted with pearls. Poetically classic, yet boldly innovative, Cagteks have found an impossible balance that speaks to modern brides allured by timelessness.

Styled against ornate cathedral walls in our latest editorial, Mosaïque, we featured our favorite gowns from their new collection.

Cagteks Bridal

“Details are added, subtracted and finessed until they take form as sartorial masterpieces.”

View the full collection via the Cagtek’s website.


Images and video via The Lane Mosaïque editorial.

Photographer / Jennifer Stenglein

Creative Director & Stylist / Karissa Dalton @ The Lane Creative Agency

Model / Ella Hope Merryweather @ Kult London

Producer / Millie Jackson @ The Lane Creative Agency

Hair & Makeup Artist /  Anna Inglis

Fashion Assistant / Tom Pirello

Photography Assistant / Ben Bartlett

Location / Gloucester Cathedral



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