About Acqua & Ink

Acqua & Ink cultivates the connection between people and nature, elements and emotions, love and memory. We are a purpose driven atelier focused on artistic wedding stationery. Contrasts, textures and watercolors intersect in exquisite ever-changing ways. Soulful paper aiming to evoke feelings rooted in the power of the memory of love. 

Acqua & Ink's mission is to shatter the barrier between artist and craftsman, placing crafts and fine arts at the same level, elevating design for everyday life. Acqua & Ink is not only conscious of our product but also of the sustainability of our process. We choose recycled and renewable materials and strictly avoid plastic in our designs and packaging, we also plant a tree after each project completion to offset our paper usage impact. We donate parts of our proceeds to environmental conservation and social causes and we use our platform to voice our core value of love for our planet.


Behind The Brand

Most memorable place you’ve traveled?

I grew up in South America, then worked and studied abroad as an architect in Milano and with the United Nations in remote locations of Sumatra for a total of 10 years. Venezuela, Italy and Indonesia are part of my identity and my soul. Currently living in California with my family! Many memorable places, wouldn’t be able to choose one.


What was the initial spark for your brand, how did it all begin?

Acqua honors my family’s name, Bevilacqua, and it’s also an ode to the medium watercolor (acquarello) which unlocked a new era in my life. Acqua & Ink is one of a few creative outlets explored as a shift in dynamics of previous lives. Inspired by Bauhaus’ concept of effectively challenging the old hierarchy of the arts, placing crafts and fine arts at the same level and uniting creativity with manufacturing, I worked on a product line based on concepts that would communicate the connection between our existence, our emotions and the context that surrounds us in a pure and raw form. Drawn to water as the medium that generates and sustains life, representing earth as our foundation and roots, air as our soul and most sacred selves and finally fire as the drive and force of our passions, a cycle of life and transformation that repeats itself. The elements associated with the five senses which act as the medium for the experience of sensations triggered an exploration of ways to translate sensations into paper and became the conceptual foundation for the series Acqua, Nebbia, Sabbia and Terra, symbols of emotions and life. Acqua & Ink brand translates the mix of cultures and experiences of my life background into a visual language.


How would you describe your aesthetic?

Raw yet chic, experimental and artistic, evocative and sophisticated.


What inspires you creatively?

Being by trade an architect and artist, I’m passion driven. Unexpected sources sparking sensations are my drivers. Nature recharges me. Music (mostly opera) creates pathways for feelings that fuel creativity. Water will always make inspiration flow, the soothing sound and meditation that comes from the movement brings all that’s inside to a place where the fluidity becomes tangible in the form of color and shape.


Tell us about the process for couples when designing/purchasing their wedding stationery?

Getting to know a couple’s story is our first priority, we look to find the soul behind the people and the project. Once the vision, context, concept and instinct have defined design direction, we work on the graphic design details followed by hands-on art production and artisanal processes.


What tips or advice can you share for choosing wedding stationery?

Trust the design process and your designer, start early if you can, share your soul and we will create paper that tells your story.


On a typical weekend we’ll find you?

At the beach mostly, showing L.A’ s mid-century iconic architecture to visiting friends/ family and at art galleries.


Editor’s Notes

Why we love them…

Architect-turned artist Acqua & Ink’s dreamy stationery is infused with poetry. Raw torn artisanal papers, painterly effects, pastel hues and elegant design unfold to tell love stories that have been artfully woven into each piece. Their visionary work has long had us hypnotized.


For the couple…

Perfect for the chic couple with a love of beautiful design and luxe, high quality materials, searching for sophisticated sustainable stationery that will make the receiver feel something.


Our advice…

Share your stories, your heritage, and your desires with Acqua & Ink to be translated into impactful designs that have meaning to you when you brief the studio on your wedding plans, location, color palette and styling.