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About Aniella Batten

"I am passionate about creating meaningful and personalised weddings, that will be cherished and remembered by you and your guests. Learning about your unique love story fills me with joy and allows me to weave an emotional intimacy throughout your ceremony, befitting the intimacy of the occasion. My background in event planning and performance gives me the kind of relaxed presence to guide you and your guests through this special event, naturally and effortlessly. I am with you every step of the way and cannot wait for the moment I pronounce you officially married. There’s no feeling like it."

Behind The Brand

Describe your approach to performing a wedding ceremony?

Setting the tone for your entire wedding day is so important to me, ensuring that I am creating a ceremony that represents how you envisioned your day to feel is paramount. No two couples are the same and your ceremony should speak to your unique narrative. I work closely with my couples to ensure a truly bespoke ceremony that intimately represents you as a couple, whether that be light-hearted, romantic, formal, traditional or filled with humour and fun. I am happy with as much, or as little input as wanted from my couples, knowing that some will have an exact idea of how they wish for their ceremony to play out, whilst others will not.

As a celebrant it is so important to me to learn about each couple’s unique love story, it fills me with joy and allows me to create a meaningful ceremony that your loved ones will connect with. My background in event planning and performance gives me a relaxed presence to guide a couple and their guests through this special (and sometimes daunting!) event, naturally and effortlessly. I am with my couples every step of the way and cannot wait for the moment I pronounce them officially married to one another.


Your friends and family would describe you as…

A true Aries – confident, passionate, motivated and approachable, with a cheery, bubbly and positive disposition.

(Thank you, beautiful friends!!!)


What is it that you love about your work?

It truly is an honour to be invited into such a personal and intimate ritual, shared between two people who have found their forever best friend. I feel so privileged to be able to witness the start of two people’s official forever. My heart fills with so much joy, happiness and pride whenever a couple chooses me to be their celebrant. I don’t think I will ever not feel this way. How lucky am I!?


Do you travel interstate?

Most definitely.


Any advice for couples looking to write their own vows or who may be nervous in front of crowds?

If there is anyone that you can be 100% yourself in front of, it is the family and friends that are witnessing these most special vows you are making to each other. They are there to support you, not judge you.

I absolutely acknowledge that public speaking is not everyone’s cup of tea, however, if you remain true to yourself and stick to what feels authentically you, your vows will be personal and a true expression of your unique narrative, and because you have written the words yourself, it will help you feel more confident when reading them out.

Also, practice!! Practice in front of the mirror, practice reading your vows in front of your friends, or facetime me and we will workshop your vows together. I offer my couples a vow guide, should they need a little assistance in writing their own vows, including examples of different structures, and my most favourite poems, readings and exerts that will help in constructing your vows. There is no right or wrong when it comes to your vows, just ensure your words are considered and they will be amazing.


Describe a magical moment you’ve experienced during a wedding….

Every wedding is built up of magical moments, big and small. If I had to pick just one, it would be witnessing a couple announce to their guests that they were expecting a baby. It was a truly magical and highly emotional moment, I will forever feel so blessed to have been a part of such an intimate and special time in this couple’s life.

Editor’s Notes

Why we love it…

Aniella’s positivity, passion, and innate charisma make you feel at ease, instantly. As a former LANE girl, Aniella knows the ins and outs of the wedding industry, is effortlessly stylish and well-presented, and has honed her skills from being immersed in the creative events world for many years.


For the couple…

Seeking a celebrant who is down-to-earth, eloquent and a true romantic. Couples looking for an open-minded, open-hearted officiant who celebrates all cultures and love stories will find their match with Aniella.


Editor’s tip…

A master with words, Aniella’s gift with written and spoken language allows her to help you confidently craft vows that will authentically convey your love and commitment.