About Arha Bridal

Founded in February 2017, Arha is a designer bridal brand dedicated to creating modern bride dresses that are simple yet sophisticated and well-tailored. Arha portrays a confident, proactive women who owns her style.

Based in Seoul, Korea, all of Arha dresses are made and assembled in our Seoul Atelier. From fabrics to tailoring, we ensure to provide high quality dresses for the brides.

Behind The Brand


What was the spark for beginning your brand?

I started Arha with the motto of creating clothes for brides that enlightens the best of herself, instead of following the dependent, artificial image of women often associated with traditional wedding dresses. “Confidence”, “my own style”, “being proactive” are the keywords that represent the message that Arha aims to convey to consumers. In Korea, where rental services are predominant in wedding cultures, I wanted to portray Arha brides with a sophisticated and refined/tailored design that suits each bride well, instead of an extravagant, uncomfortable look. I wanted Arha brides to wear a dress that is not only luxurious but also well-tailored, that could emphasize her confidence, her style, and her proactive attitude through the dresses.


What inspires you creatively?

I am mostly inspired by architectural designs that are well- balanced. I try to convey the balance of sophisticated architectural beauty of women as well as an emotional complication of women. To capture the architectural aesthetic, fit, and the stability of details while moving away from the passive femininity, I always seek to maintain the balance between the two. It is easy to lean towards one aspect, but creating a collection that balances all these elements is always extremely challenging. Expressing the same femininity every collection through different designs involves a daily reflection on mature woman, and through this process I believe it adds significant depth. The emotional experience provided by each design is calm yet alluring, natural yet elegant, simple yet possessing enduring aesthetic value. I consistently ensure that it aligns with the aesthetic standards of simplicity, yet remains captivating and timeless, making it a worthy addition to one’s collection.


A favorite quote or piece of advice that inspires your creative work?

I heard one say “Picasso’s paintings exist for the observer”.

I always contemplate whether a wedding dress is meant for the observer or for the wearer.

For me, I feel a sense of accomplishment when I capture a beautiful moment where both the observer and wearer are satisfied and happy. When there’s that harmony, I feel accomplished and believe it’s Arha’s duty to create these moments.


What advice can you give to brides when shopping for their dress?

I believe all wedding dresses are beautiful, thanks to the efforts of designers worldwide. While small details are also important, I hope brides find the courage and confidence to find a dress that represent herself not following what the society says. Every bride is beautiful, whatever she chooses to wear.



What are you drawn to in bridal right now? And what would you love to see less of?

I believe a generational shift is taking place globally in the bridal market. I believe our mission is to embrace the new, discard traditions, and recreate the image of the modern woman. I hope that many young and innovative designers take on these challenges. I am certain that we can reconstruct the beauty of the 21st-century woman – one that is not only more beautiful but also contemporary and independent. I am grateful for the opportunity to contribute to such transformations through my designs.


Editor’s Notes

Why we love it…

Arha’s chic bridal gowns strike a harmonious chord between simplicity and sophistication. Balancing architectural elements and clean lines with intricate details and an elegant structural fit impeccably designed to honor the female form, their artful dresses transcend traditional standards of beauty. Each look is meticulously crafted in their Seoul atelier from premium fabrics and exquisitely tailored.

For the woman…

Confident with their own unique personal style, they embrace the new and aim to redefine the portrayal of the modern woman. They want a timeless look that prioritizes luxurious comfort and modernity, over common extravagance.

Styling tips…

Allow your Arha gown to be your statement piece whilst curating a look that is authentically you. Go for romantic and natural hair and makeup paired with modern comfortable shoes.