About BEAR

Guided by its founders’ respect for simplicity, design and function, the modern Australian lifestyle brand brings together a portfolio of Essential Daily Vitamins and Essential Daily Superpowders.

Each product contains highly activated, bio-available ingredients of a therapeutic level to ensure nutrients are readily absorbed by the body. Australian owned and made, BEAR carefully sources ingredients from around the world and takes pride in researching and producing each product with great care and integrity. All products are vegan friendly, gluten free, GMO free and have not been tested on animals.

With its considered design and minimalist aesthetic, BEAR is designed to fit seamlessly into your morning pre-wedding beauty and grooming routines; to create a positive foundation of health along with radiant skin, hair and nails in the lead-up to your wedding day.

The Lane recommend making the BEAR Beauty Duet the cornerstone of your pre-wedding health routines – combining a strong B-Vitamin complex together with highly activated adaptogens and botanical ingredients to ensure you look and feel the best for your wedding day.

Made in Australia


Gluten Free

GMO Free

Not Tested on Animals

Certified B Corporation

Editor’s Notes

Why we love it… 

Vitamins you don’t have to hide at the back of your medicine cabinet, Bear vitamins fit seamlessly into our morning beauty and grooming routine.


For the woman… 

Who is either new to the vitamin game or a frequent user, Bear vitamins provide the rich nutrients we’re lacking through highly activated, bio-available ingredients.


Beauty tips…

Take daily to boost your immune system in the winter months and increase energy come Summer.