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About Blair Elizabeth Co.

Blair is a wedding filmmaker for the true romantics. Creating a timeless edit that truly captures the nostalgia of your wedding day. She is not your traditional videographer rather a unique visual storyteller focused on documenting the natural moments with her artistic eye. Capturing emotions in an artful, intimate way.

Dedicated to giving life to your love story through film. She thrives on all the warm and nostalgic expressions of love.

Utilizing a combination of digital video and vintage film such as Super 8 and camcorders which inspire each film to be layered with its own original feel. Blair emphasizes getting to know her couples before their wedding day in order to film with intentionality.

She encourages new ideas and especially loves an editorial or vintage moment.


Behind the Brand

What draws you to wedding videography?

I have always been a storyteller and musically inclined. Starting in childhood I would have a camera close by, ready to capture and document moments.

Being a true romantic at heart, as a young girl I started dreaming of my very own wedding day. I got my first camera at eight years old and I would record trips, holidays, and every day adventures. Later on, I discovered my love for editing when playing around on our family desktop. My love of filmmaking brought me to pursue and complete Fullsail University’s Digital Cinematography program. Creating  wedding films is my dream career – it’s surreal!

How would you describe your videography style?

Effortless editorial meets home movie nostalgia. I lean towards a documentary approach, focusing on the moment at hand and capturing it as it unfolds versus a more posed and staged moment. Creating a film that feels like art yet full of emotion and intimacy. I take time to know my couples so that when it comes to filming on their big day, I can capture what matters most to them. I always tell brides, they will not get a cookie cutter video, Blair Elizabeth Co. films are uniquely taylor-made, representing their day candidly.

What inspires you creatively?

While I love to watch cinematic and old romantic films to draw inspiration from, what ultimately keeps me inspired is the couples themselves. Every wedding is full of moments that are gone as quickly as they came. I am passionate and actively capturing the organic memories as they transpire, while taking in the overall details and character of the day.

What is it that makes a film magical?

The magic comes from documenting the day authentically.

When I hear someone who wasn’t even at the wedding say they feel like they were transported there by watching my film, that’s when I know I accomplished my goal. A film can allow generations to come to enter into a time capsule and relive memories long after they have passed. The idea of a granddaughter being able to watch her grandparents on one of the best days of their lives as a couple is such a unique joy for me as a filmmaker. Remembering a wedding video is a timeless heirloom, unlike some of the other elements of the day.

What advice would you give couples when selecting their wedding videographer?

Look at their work and notice how you feel when you watch it. As a couple, you have to feel comfortable for those personal moments to flow, because of the close proximity videography requires – your filmmaker’s demeanor matters on the context of your day.

Your dream location to shoot a wedding?

Europe, specifically drawn to Amalfi, Italy, Isle of Skye in Scotland, and Santorini, Greece.

Editor Notes

Why we love Blair…

A unique visual storyteller, there is something truly mesmerizing behind Blair’s work. Using a combination of vintage film and cinematic approaches that would rival a beautiful film set in the sleepy sixties, we love Blair for the nostalgic approach to wedding filmography and bonus points for the use of Super 8 and other retro camcorders that give everything an instantly dreamy and transient feel.

For the couple…

Who live for the nostalgia, the creativity and artistic escapism that could rival a vintage film set in the south of France. Blair understands how to make moments feel completely surreal while never losing focus of the beautiful day and all that is involved in every moment.