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About BLBS Management

BLBS Team was founded by Anna Kalytyak in 2018. After working extensively with celebrities for stage, editorial and catwalk, Anna needed a new challenge. Building on her success as a Milan makeup artist she founded BLBS, a boutique bridal hair and makeup service.

Behind the Brand

Favorite beauty products?

We are big fan of Charlotte Tilbury and Tom Ford makeup products. Best bridal beauty products often include: Long-wearing foundations like Estée Lauder Double Wear or NARS. Urban Decay All Nighter Setting Spray is commonly favored for its longevity. For the blush: NARS Orgasm and Charlotte Tilbury Pillow Talk are well-loved for their pigmentation and longevity.

Remember, the best products depend on individual preferences and skin types, so a trial run with a makeup artist can help find what works best for your bridal look.

What is your process of conceptualizing hair and makeup looks with brides and bridesmaids ahead of the wedding day?

To conceptualize hair and makeup looks for brides and bridesmaids, I consider factors like personal style, dress details, and the overall wedding theme. Discussing preferences, exploring reference images, and collaborating with the individuals involved helps create a tailored and cohesive look that enhances their natural beauty and aligns with the wedding’s aesthetic.

What’s your advice for brides when deciding on bridal hair and makeup looks?

When deciding on bridal hair and makeup looks, my advice is to consider your personal style, the wedding theme, and the dress details. Opt for a timeless and comfortable look that enhances your features. Schedule a trial to ensure you’re happy with the chosen style, and communicate openly with your makeup artist and hairstylist to achieve the desired outcome on your special day.

What tips, tricks or advice do you have for brides to increase the longevity of their bridal makeup?

To increase the longevity of bridal hair and makeup:

  1. Primer: Use a quality primer before applying makeup to create a smooth base and help it last longer.
  2. Setting Spray: Finish the makeup with a setting spray to set everything in place and keep it looking fresh throughout the day.
  3. Waterproof Products: Opt for waterproof or water-resistant makeup products, especially for eyes and lips.
  4. Trial Run: Conduct a trial run before the wedding day to identify any potential issues and ensure the chosen products work well for your skin.
  5. Touch-Up Kit: Prepare a touch-up kit with essentials like lipstick, blotting papers, and small brushes for quick fixes during the day.
  6. Weather Considerations: Consider the weather conditions on your wedding day and choose products accordingly. For example, matte finishes can be more resilient in hot and humid weather.
  7. Hair Setting Techniques: Discuss with your hairstylist about techniques and products to ensure your hairstyle stays intact. Hairpins and hairspray can be helpful.
  8. Stay Hydrated and Blot: Stay hydrated to keep your skin looking fresh. Use blotting papers to remove excess oil without disturbing your makeup.

Remember, communication with your makeup artist and hairstylist is key to achieving a long-lasting bridal look that suits your preferences and stands up to the demands of the day.

Do you travel for weddings?

Yes, meaning wherever you want to go, the BLBS Management team will follow.

Editor Notes

Why we love it…

With a wealth of experience behind her, including work with top clients and celebrities, Anna created the bridal makeup agency of your dreams. Servicing destination weddings from Como to her home base in Milan, she is our top pick for Italy’s best in the bridal beauty world. If you’re looking for polished professionalism and a wonderful team of experts you should look no further than Anna to create the look of your dreams.

For the bride…

Polished, poised and the picture of Grace Kelly perfection, this is the bride who values understated beauty with all the right tools in her arsenal for her big day. Charlotte Tilbury, Tom Ford all the best will be your side to make you feel your most beautiful and authentic self.

Styling tips…

Anna suggests never skimping on the perfect primer on your big day, if the base is seamless everything else will fall into place!