Borgo Sant'Ambrogio Resort

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About Borgo Sant'Ambrogio Resort

The history of Borgo Sant’Ambrogio traces its roots back to the 17th century, which is when the oldest part of the structure was built.

During the 18th century, Sant’Ambrogio became a convent for nuns dedicated to the saint of the same name, whose portrait is still preserved in the structure. In 1971, the property, was acquired by the Apollonj Ghetti family, who, along with their six children, chose Sant’Ambrogio as a place to enjoy the richness of the Tuscan countryside. Even today, thanks to renovation and improvement projects, the family decided in 2015 to open it as a hospitality business, allowing guests to enjoy the beauty of this corner of paradise.

Behind The Brand

What was the initial spark for the property and how did it all begin?

The inspiration behind our ancient resort in Tuscany stems from a deep appreciation for the region’s natural beauty and cultural heritage. Originally built in the 17th century, our resort’s foundation reflects a time-honored craftsmanship that has been lovingly preserved through the years. The vision to transform this historic property into a haven for travelers was sparked by a desire to offer an authentic Tuscan experience.

As we look back on the resort’s journey, its transformation into a welcoming retreat began when it was acquired by Ranieri and Maria Teresa Apollonj Ghetti in 1971. Their passion for Tuscany’s rich cultural heritage and serene landscapes fuelled the vision to share this hidden gem with others.

Today, our mission is to provide a sanctuary where guests can immerse themselves in the timeless charm of Tuscany. Whether it’s exploring the surrounding countryside, savoring delicious local cuisine, or simply relaxing amidst our historic setting, every moment here is crafted to capture the essence of Tuscan life.

What spaces do you offer for a wedding or event?

Our property stands out for the many outdoor spaces it offers, from the secret garden, ideal for ceremonies to the olive tree garden and the village square where usually the cocktail aperitivo take place, not to mention our private courtyard, the most requested area for romantic and breathtaking wedding dinners. There are also gardens around the pool, perfect for relaxation, and other green areas that we make available during exclusive days.

How many guests can you cater for?

Our outdoor spaces can accommodate up to 150 people, while our restaurant room can host up to 100 people. We have another meeting room that can host up to 70 guests.

For those staying overnight, we have 11 rooms available.

What is it that makes your property magic?

What distinguishes our property and creates a memorable experience for our guests is our dedication to excellent service, attention to detail in every aspect of hospitality, and the inviting ambiance of our surroundings. Upon arrival, guests are welcomed into a comfortable environment with an amazing view that leave a lasting impression. Whether it’s our stunning views, quality amenities, or the warm hospitality of our staff, every aspect contributes to a delightful stay for our guests.

What advice can you give couples when selecting their venue?

We always advise our guests to understand that they are about to immerse themselves in a different reality—one of relaxation, slow living, and the enjoyment of every moment our countryside offers. Therefore, they should not expect the services typical of urban areas, such as paved roads and urban amenities. Instead, they should savor each moment, breathing fresh air, enjoying good food, and tasting excellent wine. We are in Tuscany, and those who visit us should fully embrace the concept of relax.

Editor’s Notes

Why we love it…

With roots going back as far as the 17th century, the story behind this luxury Italian property is one to remember. What may be most memorable though is the vastness of the surrounding landscape that engulfs it.

For the couple…

Those who are looking to take time out and immerse themselves in slow living would be well placed to book this palatial estate. Every minute spent on the grounds of Borgo Sant ‘Ambrogio is a minute transported to another world entirely. From the secret garden to the cobbled stone courtyard for late night drinks and dancing, promptly add to the top of that wedding destination planning list.