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About Brendan Woods

I started Brendan Woods to set the standard in soulful images for couples who have style.

Spending my days in the ethereal realm of luxury weddings, capturing love stories where romance knows no bounds. The imagery I make is timeless. Photography of couples that will become heirlooms and treasures over decades.

The weddings I shoot have style. The vibe is always effortless and fun. You can trust your images will be beautiful, honest and have soul.

I connect with couples who seek not just documentary but a connection to the moment. For those who want their wedding to be shot like it is a piece of art.

Behind The Brand

What draws you to wedding photography?

The romance, the opulence, the fact that everyone is having a good time and looking amazing while doing it.

How would you describe your photography style?

Heavily influenced by the great fashion photographers from the 1940-1990’s. I resonate with couples who embrace a carefree spirit and actively pursue beauty.

For those who want their wedding to be shot like it is a piece of art. Always looking for candid moments and beautiful light.

What inspires you creatively?

Music, nature, anything wild and magical.

What is it that makes an image magical?

Capture. In any moment there is a fleeting moment where the human soul is expressing itself. I always tune in to that, always seek to capture that exact moment. It’s magical and it moves the soul.

What advice would you give couples when selecting their wedding photographer?

First, trust your instinct.  This will be the compass that guides your connection to an artist’s work. Does their work excite or move you? Relying on your intuition serves as a powerful guide.

Investing in photography reaches many generations. They have to be experienced enough to capture all those significant moments and be able to shoot in all conditions. Find someone you connect with in conversation as well as in their art. A balance of all these things will leave you confident with your choice of wedding photographer.

Your dream location to shoot a wedding?

Could not name one. Perhaps Morocco. And of course Italy, France and NYC always inspire me when I am there!

Editor’s Notes

Why we love Brendan…

Brendan Woods is a photographer we’ve worked with for many years, beautifully capturing events we’ve dreamt up in the past. Brendan’s work has a luxurious, editorial quality. His frames are creatively composed yet balanced with soulfulness and honesty.

For the couple…

For those who place special emphasis on the beauty of their venue or destination wedding, Brendan captures the magic of a location in such a unique way. He’s a photographer for those who want timeless, high end wedding photography that will draw you right back into each emotive moment.

Our advice…

Always make sure the style of the photography you’re drawn to, and the way you envision your day captured is so distinctly present in a photographer’s body of work already. If Brendan’s signature style of editorial photography, creatively captured locations and emotive moments resonate, you’ll definitely love the frames he’ll deliver.