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About Bubbletent Australia

In an Australian first, we are introducing a concept which allows you and your special plus one to experience something you’ve never experienced before, sleeping under the stars in a clear and inflatable bubbletent in superior comfort and convenience in the remoteness of the country. Bubble tent Australia is an off-grid pop-up glamping tent situated on a secluded part of a 1000+ acre working farm and nestled between Lithgow and Mudgee some 200km NW from Sydney. Overlooking the second biggest canyon in the world which doubles as one of the 50 IBA (Important Bird Area) sanctuaries around the globe for bird watching.

Behind The Brand

Your best piece of advice for event/honeymoon planning?

Plan, Plan, Plan but still know some things are out of your control on the day where there will be things that are CERTAIN not to go according to plan! Embrace the uncertainty as something fun and as an adventure, it’s kinda symbolic of life really so a nice way to kick it off with someone else in tow right?!


What was the spark for your brand? Where did the story begin?

Like most entrepreneurial journeys it was started by the need to scratch our own itch​, we are a couple in our early 30’s, both actors. We went on a fateful trip to Lake Tekapo where the stargazing was breathtakingly spectacular, after the life-changing stargazing tour we were sent packing back to our accommodation where there was a darned roof in the way! We couldn’t do what we thought came natural to a place like that: which was sleeping under the stars where we weren’t freezing! Even back home in Australia, we tried to recreate the experience by going to Coonabarabran, the home of astronomy in Australia and a similar story ensued so we were determined to have the experience that we so desperately craved and to find someone that was doing this in Australia and when we couldn’t, we decided to do it ourselves. So you could say we’re spoilt millennials that are just indulging in our ultimate fantasy! Ha! Except that we want to share it with people, so we are not that spoilt right?! 


What inspires you creatively?

We’re kind of lucky that we both have similar sensibilities and tastes. We have a bit of an unspoken ethos with our business where it’s the best bits of camping meets spots of comfort, and we’re unapologetic about this, it might not be for everyone to use sawdust instead of flushing but that’s the experience we’ve designed and we stick by it. So we have a starting point to screen ideas through and then it’s basically going for what we like and what suits the experience and we’ve learnt that it’s important to be bold with ideas and question assumptions. Now that we’ve been operating with guests we are constantly seeking feedback and learning about the experience from a different viewpoint, but still we screen it through that same philosophy and cherry-pick the great ideas and leave the odd ‘maybe-netflix-on-your-ipad’ suggestions at bay…


Most memorable place you’ve travelled?

NZ South Island, no place like it on Earth.


On a typical weekend we’ll find you?

Working! We work when guests are relaxing and weekends are our busy time, being a new business we don’t get ‘weekends’ per say, it’s more stealing pockets of time for ourselves and when we do we’re lucky that we’re close to so many sensational wineries in Mudgee and when we’re not ‘tasting-copious-amounts-of-wine-for-work’ we improvise our fun and will go for a hike or go play with our sheepdog chops (A crazy sheep who thinks he’s a dog!)


A favorite quote?

Action cures fear.