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Husband and wife, Maleika and Corey, know that love, family and being together is what matters most on your wedding day. With CALIKA, you’ll be hiring a team who truly have your best interests at heart; dedicated to creating imagery that, at the core, celebrates who you are as a family and couple. 

“In our knowing hands you will be seen, felt and heard. We invite you to be the subject of our loving focus, nurtured by our devotion to you and your love story.” - Maleika + Corey x

Behind The Brand

What draws you wedding photography?

This might sound odd to some, but we deeply enjoy the weight and responsibility of photographing weddings. It asks us to abandon ourselves for the sake of another and challenges us to make work that genuinely matters.


How would you describe your photography style?

Our style is all about how we approach your wedding day – we’re present, open and always wanting to go somewhere new for you. We like to be ‘amongst it’, always. Amongst it and mysteriously elevating the moment.


What inspires you creatively?

We’re inspired by our couples and whatever makes the day particularly theirs – their families, their traditions, the challenges that arise, all the tiny elements that make the day unique.

Some photographers like to control everything, whereas we look forward to the unpredictable nature of weddings and how, what we create, actually surprises us too.


What is it that makes an image magical?

It’s all about honesty. It’s ‘the truth’ incarnate in a jpeg. You know it when you see it.


What advice would you give couples when selecting their wedding photographer?

Choose someone who is sincere. Someone who will ground you and hold it down for you on the day. Someone who will push themselves creatively. Someone who responds to your emails and feels like they were on the guest list all along…. but also takes fantastic photos.


Your dream location to shoot a wedding?

Oh would you look at that, it just happens to be where you’re having your wedding! You have impeccable taste.

Editor’s Notes

Why we love them…

There are good wedding photographers, and there are the rare handful of artists who see things differently. Who feel deeply. Who notice it all. Calika’s frames spill with a potent beauty that we don’t see often. Every image tells a powerful story that is so poetically composed. And don’t even get us started about the way they capture light…


For the couple…

Calika are for couples looking for artful, emotive wedding images that are beautifully unexpected, rich with honesty and infinitely timeless. 


Our Advice…

We couldn’t put it better ourselves, in Calika’s words, “Your wedding day is not a photoshoot. We give simple direction at certain times to achieve the photos you want. Otherwise, we just focus on what is beautiful.”

Book this creative duo if you have the chance, and let them intuitively capture all of the magic the way they know how.