About Carte Blanche Bride

A curated, refined selection of bespoke French-designed, and made wedding looks. For women with purpose and personality. No fuss, no drama, just elegant, understated design and the expertise to match.

Behind The Brand

What was the spark for beginning Carte Blanche Bride?

My career in luxury fashion started straight out of university, I knew I wanted to be in the industry, fashion business and buying was the place for me. There has always been something magical about working with someone getting married. Over time, I heard the same frustrations from clients; finding a wedding look that spoke to their sense of style in an authentic and safe space without pushiness or prejudice.

French language and culture have also been a huge passion of mine since I was a little girl; I’ve travelled there for work and play for a long time. The French know, understand and celebrate the female form, they have world-class fabrics and lace at their fingertips, and the know-how for exquisite cuts. So, Carte Blanche Bride began.

What inspires you creatively?

The clients that I serve. I listen intently and compassionately as they share their passions, desires and anxieties daily. Expression of self through our clothing means something vastly different to us all. One’s wedding celebration heightens this immeasurably, the first step to assisting someone with their ultimate outfit is listening.

Concurrently, I am inspired by my masters of modern fashion design including Coco Chanel, Yves Saint Laurent and even the late Alber Elbaz during his time at Lanvin. They created clothes for their generation that were wearable, comfortable and always danced the line between masculine and feminine in the most genius and beautiful of ways. Their designs truly stand the test of time and I view my bridal selection through this very lense.

A favorite quote or piece of advice that inspires your creative work?

You are only as good as the people you dress. Halston.

What advice can you give to brides when shopping for their dress?

We have the internet and social media at our fingertips. Do your research first and select 2-3 designers that speak to you; then find your wedding dress from these brands. Keep it simple!

Choose some keywords on how you want to ‘feel’ on the day – comfortable, elegant, breathtaking, timeless, sexy, romantic and use these to help narrow down your options. Sometimes the most overwhelming part is too many choices.

If something doesn’t feel right in any part of your wedding dress shopping or purchasing experience it probably isn’t. No matter how many people think you look perfect, if it doesn’t feel like you try something else.

What are you drawn to in bridal right now? And what would you love to see less of?

Exquisite fabric and cut will last the test of time, no matter the decade. I am drawn to:

A statement sleeve that is not overly voluminous.
Embroidered tulle offers a look of lace with a fresh finish. It’s light and deliciously comfortable.
Cutaway shoulders, the French call it “Americaine”

I would love never to have to see heavy polyester fabric in a wedding dress. Or ever for that matter.

Editor’s Notes

Why we love it…

Carte Blanche owner Anastasia’s experience styling on an international fashion stage means she knows masterful design and skilled craftsmanship, and how to match style with personality. Anastasia’s knowledge and care for the process of finding a bride’s dream gown is what makes Carte Blanche a special place for discovering your vision.

For the bride…

Carte Blanche’s elegant curation of timeless French designs is the only one of its kind in Australia making it perfect for the bride who is after local access to these new and well established designers.

Our Advice…

Book a call with Anastasia to discuss your inspirations and find out how Carte Blanche can support you in finding your dream dress. She offers virtual appointments for brides outside of Melbourne.