About Chateau Eza

Of all the boutique hotels on the Cote d’Azur, Chateau Eza is the most stunning, with a gourmet restaurant, tucked away in Èze in one of the most enchanting locations on the Cote d’Azur.

The 14 intimate rooms and Suites of this 400 year old Chateau, also a former residence to a Swedish Prince, offer epic vistas, often from private balconies and terraces, as does the gourmet restaurant, itself looking over the sun-kissed horizons of the French riviera

Behind The Brand

Your best advice for wedding or event planning?

I advise to come to Eze village at least once in your life as you will never forget it and will keep it in mind for any future event you are planning. Entering Eze village you find yourself in a fairy tale where time simply stops.


What was the spark for Chateau Eza? Where did the story begin?

Chateau Eza is a former winter residence to the Prince of Sweden who had spent 30 years with his beloved in Eze and left the village in 1952.

Our guests themselves can feel like members of the Royal family, staying in the Prince’s bedroom or dining in the old Prince’s wine cellars transformed into restaurant.


A local’s tip / must visit destination in the area?

Chateau Eza is located in a peaceful medieval village of Eze, which is just 10 km from Monaco and 15 km from Nice. It is very close to the most popular tourist destinations, but still away from the hustle and bustle of the big cities.

Ferrari Tour, or create your own perfume at one of the 2 perfumeries located in the village.


What is the most inspiring part of Chateau Eza?

Our guests can enjoy the most stunning view on the French Riviera, discovering the region from the bird’s-eye view.