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About Chelsea Gee Photography

I am a destination and editorial wedding photographer based in California, but available worldwide. I create photographs that are timeless and create a feeling far beyond traditional wedding photos.

Behind The Brand

What draws you to wedding photography?

Being able to photograph meaningful moments that will be cherished forever is a blessing. A wedding day offers once in a lifetime memories, where everyone is in one place at the same time. I am drawn to the combination of storytelling, beauty, fashion, artistry, romance, and pure joy. It brings a sense of fulfillment and is truly so rewarding.

How would you describe your photography style?

Effortless editorial. I love to observe and allow moments to unfold, but also to guide and direct in a fashion that is editorial and intentional. I put a lot of emphasis on light, texture, color, and composition to create a blend of imagery that resonates emotionally, but is also refined and editorial.

What inspires you creatively?

The main components that fuel my inspiration are travel, earth tones, fashion, and connection, but most of all the unexpected. On a wedding day, these happen to be the overlooked details and imperfect scenes.

What is it that makes an image magical?

What first came to mind was stunning light, unique composition, and emotion. All of these components combined together will create a beautiful photo, but it really is much more than that. When I think of my favorite photographs they are actually quite simple, but are very meaningful. A magical photo is determined quite differently from person to person, but what I believe remains similar is the experience behind the photo. When an image evokes a strong feeling it is magical.

What advice would you give couples when selecting their wedding photographer?

My best advice is to find someone that you can completely trust and will allow you to be present on your wedding day. Ask to see full galleries and schedule a call to get to know one another. Finding a photographer that aligns with your vision, but also makes you feel comfortable is key.

Your dream location to shoot a wedding?

A villa in Spain or Greece. I am most drawn to minimalist architecture. A space that offers clean lines, texture, and plenty of artful light.

Editor’s Notes

Why we love Chelsea…

We’re completely in love with Chelsea Gee’s work.  With such a strong editorial eye, Chelsea creates elevated frames that lie at the intersection of fashion, lifestyle, and documentary. Painting with light and shade, she knows exactly how to capture the poetry of a gown or tablescape – highlighting shapes, textures and fluidity. With subtle direction that maintains the soul and spontaneity of a moment, Chelsea’s work is beautifully unique. 

For the couple…

Who wants a modern wedding photographer versed in fashion and lifestyle who will capture every detail in the most elevated, unexpected and soulful way.