Cleopatra’s Bling

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About Cleopatra’s Bling

Cleopatra's Bling is an ode to the past and a celebration of the present simultaneously. Drawing inspiration from the cultural heritage and timeless beauty of the Mediterranean and Middle East, Cleopatra's Bling evokes the verdant landscapes of the founder’s Australian home.

Each piece of jewelry is a work of art, crafted by hand with passion and care, and imbued with ancient symbolism. From glimmering gold and silver, to precious stones, intricate beading, and enamel, every detail is an artistic feast for the senses. The artisans, from Turkey to Italy to India, breathe life into Olivia’s designs, braiding together cultural legacies with contemporary design sensibilities. Treasuring the past, but also the responsibility to preserve the future, Cleopatra's Bling commitment to ethics and sustainability runs deep, weaving a tapestry of tradition and innovation with a love for our planet.

Editor’s Notes

Why we love it…

Rooted within the stories, symbols, and myths of the Anatolian region where Cleopatra’s Bling was born, every piece within designer Olivia Cummings’s thoughtful collection is a poetic work of art. Organic, hand-crafted shapes are finely embellished with precious stones and symbols with emotional and historical relevance to form unique designs.


For the couple…

Who are wanderers, for those who love to travel, and adore the way ancient jewelry customs are combined with modern fusions of cultures.


Editor’s tips…

Find the meaning behind the designs you’re drawn to. Each symbol and stone has a story attached to it, making for truly heartfelt heirlooms.