About Cuixmala

A nature reserve of more than 30,000 acres, originally the private retreat for Sir James Goldsmith and his family, now open to discerning travelers from around the world. Running alongside 5km of pristine Mexican Pacific coastline, Cuixmala is an extraordinary haven; a luxury eco-resort where the boundaries separating humankind from nature are dissolved. Lush jungle and coconut palm groves roll into sweeping savannahs and lagoons, where protected wildlife, from zebras to crocodiles, roam free. Sensitively interwoven with the natural landscape, terracotta dwellings emerge from a sea of green, acting as beacons guiding guests through the property.

Behind The Brand Interview

What was the initial spark for the property and how did it all begin?

Created by Sir James Goldsmith, knighted for his services to ecology, Cuixmala was originally established as his private estate. He purchased the initial piece of land for Cuixmala in 1987, and by 1989 had completed his house—Casa Cuixmala, and the guest bungalows. In 1990, Sir James announced the ‘active business chapter’ of his career was closed and directed his considerable energy towards furthering debates on environmental and humanitarian issues.

Sir James was able to put many of his environmental conservation theories into practice at Cuixmala, piece by piece constructing what has now grown to a 36,000+ acre private reserve, protecting what remains of Mexico’s dry tropical forest and the endangered species that survive within. Sir James donated the land for the Chamela-Cuixmala Biosphere Reserve, a foundation set up with the National Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM). A project that has been carried on by his daughter Alix and her husband Goffredo Marcaccini to this day.


What spaces do you offer for a wedding or event?

The 40 rooms at Cuixmala are spread across three distinct accommodation types. From the iconic Suites of the original house, Casa Cuixmala, and hidden Bungalows with exceptional views, to the complete seclusion of Villas nestled into the hillside, and the traditional charm of the Casas; at Cuixmala, expect the extraordinary.

Cuixmala has 3 villas, 10 casitas, and its centerpiece – Casa Cuixmala (Sir James Goldsmith’s original private residence). Offering individual rooms, the castle-like building is modeled after the Hagia Sophia Grand Mosque, and sits at the heart of the reserve – atop of a cliff. With Boho chic, fun interiors, the main building offers a pool which spills onto the beach, relaxation areas, a casual al fresco restaurant, and a formal dining room.


How many guests can you cater for?



What is it that makes your property magic?

Cuixmala is an otherworldly Mexico experience, where travelers will feel as if they are honored guests in a home, more than visitors to a hotel. With the broad variety across all 40 individual accommodations from the most refined and authentic feeling Casitas to the palatial suites in Casa Cuixmala, all guests will have a truly unparalleled and luxurious experience from the moment they arrive. Whether horseback riding amongst the zebra herd and down Playa Cuixmala, releasing sea turtle hatchlings on the edge of the pacific, lounging on the surreal Playa Caleta Blanca, or dancing the night away at the base of the iconic Casa Cuixmala pool, the overall experience makes for exceptional lifelong memories.


What advice can you give couples when selecting their venue?

Guests can’t go wrong with any of the vast and elegant spaces and set ups Cuixmala offers, and the ability to spread out individual events during the course of a multiday wedding celebration throughout the various locations makes for an extravagant feel all contained within the 5,000 acres the hotel occupies.

Editors Notes

Why we love it…

Striking architecture hides amongst the palm trees where the jungle meets the ocean at tropical sanctuary Cuixmala. Engulfed in lush greenery, the expansive retreat spills onto the beach with a mesmerizing pool and terrace at its center. The breathtaking property is the perfect location to craft an experience like no other.

For the couple…

They’ll desire sophisticated luxury whilst immersing themselves in nature, isolated from reality for their wedding day. They want something more than just a space, they want to integrate memorable experiences for their guests.

Styling tips…

Allow the venue to lead your styling. Drawing inspiration from the existing bold shapes, lines and colors, make the experience uniquely yours by bringing some of your own story into the design elements.