About D-Pleis Events

D-Pleis is an innovative, team with exquisite attention to detail that stands out for our organizational mastery and creativity, with more than 15 years of experience planning extraordinary weddings with style. A team made up of a loving couple. They guarantee the best experience and success for their clients in their special day. They do not put limits on our capabilities and our track record supports us.

D-Pleis love their work and they're are constantly searching, discovering new places and suppliers that become their allies so that your wedding makes a difference.

D-Pleis thank each of their clients who teach and inspire them through culture and experiences and make their company grow every day. 

Behind The Brand

What was the initial spark for your brand, how did it all begin?

I have always loved decoration and organizing events, from a very young age I organized prom parties and fashion shows in my country Colombia and when I moved to Spain I was clear that I wanted to dedicate myself to event organization and art direction so in 2009 I put all my knowledge of public relations and interior design to make D-Pleis a reality locally and in 2014 we launched internationally as luxury destination weddings.

It continues to be a wonderful experience and we live each wedding with the same enthusiasm as the first.

We are very grateful to all our couples and clients for their trust and for choosing us to be part of such a special celebration. Our clients are based in India, Europe, Hong Kong, the Middle East, South and North America, Australia, Singapore, Hong Kong e.t.c We do not stop opening our borders.

What services do you offer couples?

Full destination wedding service for clients based anywhere who want to live an authentic Destination Wedding Experience anywhere in the world. We cover all aspects of your event to guarantee that the bride and groom live this process without stress, enjoying it and getting involved as much as they want.

Our clients have the appropriate creative team according to the needs of their event since each wedding is unique.

Although our full wedding service is the most requested, we are also experts in art direction and floral styling, both for weddings and for spaces that need advice. Therefore, we reserve a few dates a year for those who require this service.

How would you describe your aesthetic?

Relaxed luxury that lasts over time and highlights the essence of the couple.


As a planner/stylist, what are you inspired by at the moment in the world of weddings?

We inspired by architecture, art and nature. In the wealth and craftsmanship of every place we go. Textiles, fashion designers and their shows are also a great source of inspiration for us. A reflection between the culture of our couples and the place chosen for their wedding.

What would you like to see less of?

I would like to see less waste, unsustainable material, I think it is good to raise awareness among suppliers and customers to avoid it.

A styling/planning tip or two you’ve learned along the way that you’d give to any couple?

Be themselves, not want a wedding based on trends that does not identify with your essence.

Trust your wedding planner ,now how to listen to the suggestions and advice of the professionals who are involved in your wedding, so that it is a success for everyone.

Editor’s Notes

Why we love it…

D-Pleis Events’ extensive global experience in crafting stirring romantic experiences is evident in their mesmerizing portfolio of destination wedding work. They know how to boldly transform a space into pure magic, considering every tiny detail, to stop your guests in their tracks in complete wonder. Placing the utmost importance on connection, each moment tells the couple’s unique story.

For the couple…

They desire a stress-free destination wedding that exceeds their wildest dreams, somewhere magical around the world. The story of their romance begins with the place and they’d like a trusted team to bring their vision to life.

Styling tips…

Start with your location. Which country and region will be your blank canvas? The venue will dictate the atmosphere more powerfully than anything else. From there, allow your planner/stylist to weave in your personal stories and inspirations through en entirely sensory experience.