About Danielle Frankel

Danielle Frankel is inspired by celebration and the beauty of bridal. With a respect for nostalgia and tradition, but a forward and directional approach to a modern woman’s desires, designer Danielle Hirsch creates a new perspective of what it means to be a woman getting married.

Danielle Frankel fabrics, techniques and aesthetics are simple yet intricate in both construction and finishings. At the core of every piece there are elements of whimsy and vulnerability encapsulating both the bride's story and what lies ahead.

Editor’s Notes


Why we love it… 

Ex Marchesa, Danielle Frankel understands the level of finesse that designing evening wear entails. Blending artisanal technique with her beautifully modern aesthetic, Danielle’s debut bridal collection was unlike anything we’d seen and one you know every season will deliver the most artfully unexpected silhouettes.


For the bride…

Danielle Frankel is for the bride who values artisanal design and wants a wedding gown that spills with romance, reinterpreted in a modern way.


Styling tips…

We’ve never been a fan of ballgown silhouettes, but Danielle Frankel has remained them in the most beautiful way. Choose a dramatic look for your ceremony, followed by a reception dress with Danielle’s signature draped sleeving, in fabric that moves with fluidity.