De Pluma y Letras

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About De Pluma y Letras

We are a studio dedicated to art, craftsmanship and love for beautiful things. In our own artisan paper workshop we create the sheets where our illustrations and designs will go.

Our life is driven by the passion of artistic creation and the luck of sharing it with our wonderful clients.

Behind the Brand

What was the initial spark for your brand, how did it all begin?

My love for craftsmanship and handmade with patience and dedication was the premise to create my company. It is because of this passion that we dedicate ourselves body and soul. We have our own workshop of handmade paper, we make by hand the illustrations and also all the details of the stationery. As you can imagine it requires an exclusive dedication but the result is so worth it.

How would you describe your aesthetic?

I love beauty, the subtlety of the mixture of colors, the combination of textures so that together they form an evocative set of feelings. Personally I am fascinated by challenges, doing different and even unthinkable things on paper. I love the three-dimensionality and above all we hope that our client is excited with all five senses when receiving our work.

What inspires your work creatively?

My work is the result of my roots, my environment, my past and my culture. I consider myself Mediterranean, European and mostly a woman. I am mainly inspired by nature, light and colors and I often revisit art history to continue to be inspired and learn from our past culture.

Tell us about the process for couples when designing/purchasing their wedding stationery?

The wedding stationery has to reflect the soul of the couples, they have to have their essence and show a preview of what the design of their wedding will be, then I love to know every detail and get into their world to mimic it with them.

What tips or advice can you share for choosing wedding stationery?

The stationery has to have a soul by itself and it has to transmit feelings, when you feel that, you will have found the “stationery of your life.

Editor Notes

Why we love them…

As a fine artist turned calligrapher, Lucia has dedicated her life to creating luxury handcrafted stationery. On her rural property she makes her artisan paper from scratch, a divine feature reminiscent of early 19th century romanticism. Her ability to give her all to a brief is to be admired – we’ll sign off to that!

For the couple…

De Pluma y Letras is the dream wedding calligrapher that will be there to shape your story and every intricate detail of your day in the most dreamy and bespoke way. A visionary and a fine artist, her style and thoughtfulness to every one of her designs is made for a couple who enjoy luxury craftsmanship.