About Eva Lendel

Founded in 2015, Eva Lendel is an emerging Ukrainian bridal fashion brand that presents the latest trends in the industry. Eva Lendel brings a refreshing modern touch to the world of wedding fashion.

Each gown is meticulously designed, with impeccable attention to detail, perfectly blending classic elements with contemporary styles. Eva Lendel collections encapsulate the essence of clean lines, understated elegance, and masterful lacework.

Behind The Brand

What was the spark for beginning your brand?

The spark for beginning Eva Lendel was ignited by a passion for celebrating the beauty and individuality of every bride. We noticed a gap in the market for bridal wear that seamlessly blended elegance with contemporary flair, and thus, Eva Lendel was born. Our brand seeks to empower brides to express themselves authentically on their big day, creating memories that last a lifetime.

What inspires you creatively?

Creativity thrives in the diverse tapestry of life itself. We find inspiration in everything from art and architecture to nature and culture. Our team is constantly exploring new avenues for creativity, drawing from a myriad of sources to infuse each design with a touch of magic. Above all, the unique stories and personalities of our brides serve as a constant wellspring of inspiration, driving us to create gowns that reflect their individual beauty.

A favorite quote or piece of advice that inspires your creative work?

“Elegance is the only beauty that never fades.” This timeless quote by Audrey Hepburn encapsulates the essence of our creative philosophy at Eva Lendel. We believe in creating bridal wear that transcends trends, focusing instead on timeless elegance and sophistication. Our designs are crafted with meticulous attention to detail, ensuring that each gown exudes a sense of enduring beauty that will never go out of style.

What advice can you give to brides when shopping for their dress?

When shopping for your dress, it’s important to stay true to yourself. Don’t be swayed by fleeting trends or outside opinions—choose a gown that makes you feel confident, radiant, and utterly beautiful. Keep an open mind and be willing to explore different styles, but ultimately, trust your instincts and select the dress that resonates with your unique personality and vision for your wedding day.

What are you drawn to in bridal right now? And what would you love to see less of?

In the world of bridal fashion, we’re currently drawn to designs that marry classic elegance with modern sensibility. We love seeing intricate lacework, delicate embroidery, and innovative silhouettes that capture the essence of romance and sophistication. However, we’d love to see less emphasis on overly embellished gowns that can overwhelm the wearer. We believe that less is often more when it comes to bridal design, allowing the bride’s natural beauty to shine through without distraction.

Editor’s Notes…

Why we love them…

With a natural affinity for finding the right fit and a deep understanding for immaculately fitted, couture bridal wear, we adore how each Eva Lendel collection envisions a look for a bride that is both clean and effortlessly refined.

For the bride..

Who is looking for the perfect sculpted fit while always feeling comfortable in her own skin. Eva Lendel’s design house makes every bridal experience one to be remembered, offering an array of collections from ephemeral romanticism to bold and clean structure. We recommend the “Love Spell” collection for a dreamy and yet highly polished look.