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About Floristry Camp

In partnership with Under Canvas, Siren Floral Co. hosts Floristry Camp, a weekend retreat where students engage in floristry-intensive learning incorporating local foraging opportunities, along with self-care practices, restorative yoga, great food, and new friends - plus the outdoors.

Rachael Ann Lunghi, Founder of Siren Floral Co.'s designs are inspired by her overwhelming love for nature while incorporating a bit of an edge. She juxtaposes the romance of blooms with the true nature of them by attempting to let their raw movement take shape in her work. She can be found crying tears of joy over new flowers she discovers at the market and believes that floristry is an emotive medium that comes from the heart. 

Behind The Brand

What type of classes and experiences do you offer?

We offer a variety of class offerings both online and in-person. Most recently, we’ve been doing Online Live floral product courses each month and they’ve been so fun and rewarding. We also do an annual Floristry Camp, which is designed as both a floral workshop and a retreat held just outside various National Parks within the US.


What would be your ideal bachelorette experience?

Probably a camping trip with my bests in the summertime. Drinking lots of rosé and lounging near a lake or river.


Best time of year/day to experience your service?

Any time! However, spring is my most favorite season for blooms.


Advice to brides/bridesmaids when planning a bachelorette party?

Whatever you decide to do, just make sure it’s something you’ll be over the moon to look back on one day, with the people who love and support you the most.

Editor’s Notes

Why we love it…

A creative, nurturing, and connective way to celebrate and enjoy the company of your closet friends and loved ones for your bachelorette party. We love Rachel’s approach to floristry and the chance to learn from a talented creative is always something we long to do.


For the woman…

Who values florals and all things nature, a slower pace, and a night out under the stars with healthy and holistic touches.


Planning tips…

When planning your bride’s bachelorette celebration, think outside the square. Pack her bag and get lost together away on a surprise weekend with little distraction, a true chance to connect, converse, and create. Take a notebook and a disposable film camera to capture those tiny, fleeting moments which will be forever held, heartfelt.