About Fluida Design

Fluida Design is a creative company with a focus on floral design, styling and multi-disciplinary performances, founded in 2011 by Alessandra Santini.

She decided to create one single shell in her homeland of Italy to combine all the disciplines she’s passionate about. All of them shall talk the same language and follow the same manifesto.

Alessandra was previously trained in set and costume design for theatres in the UK and interior design in Florence.

Behind The Brand


What was the spark for Fluida Design? Where did your story begin?

After a decade of working around Europe and overseas in the U.S. designing for theatre (more in site-specific rather than the black box), I decided to go back to Italy to experiment on my home soil. I started creative direction/styling on fine art photography and at the same time, counseling resorts and hotels on aesthetic advice.

I felt the need to introduce sculpture in my visions. Something that organically could be designed specifically for that shoot or corner – flowers were the missing elements! And this is how I see them, avant-garde sculptures, they can metamorphose while blooming, and they last a few days or hours. Something that can not be repeated twice in the same way… the same way a site-specific theatre performance actually works, one call in a venue and never again till the next event. Fluida Design was born to give a practical transition to this vision.

All venues for weddings and shoots are treated as sets for shows, however intimate or glamorously big. Weddings are the perfect scenario to shape romantic and sometimes surreal tales.

Flowers as props should be sourced with instinctual and responsive criteria to obtain their full character creations, elegant and sophisticated; often a bit wild to follow the real nature of our landscapes.


How would you describe your style when it comes to your products and services?

A theatrical cut and dramatic shapes are what we are known for, whilst organic and wild botanical are our deep roots. We seek modernity and pleasure to be renewed and are always scouting and promoting new trends.

We always demand a bit of trust in letting us create emotively on site.


What elements of a wedding do you help with?

Fluida Design offers a whole wedding design package, from venue scouting to florist experts, through to the styling. We think having one studio driving the clients thought the process might be strategic to achieve an organic vision and a unique result.


What advice would you give couples when deciding on a theme or style for their wedding?

My warm advice is to try to feel the venue’s soul, to be driven in choosing the style by the input given by the location, to go with it, or even against it. Disharmony can be as fascinating as harmony.

Editor’s Notes


Why we love it…

There is an ethereal touch Alessandra brings to her work. She is an expert in her field, crafting the most memorable and dramatic displays that stir the soul. Each event Alessandra creates is a sculptural vision, a multi-layered production that so beautifully conveys each couple’s love story.


For the couple…

For the avant-garde, creative couple looking for the whole package when it comes to wedding planning. Those who want to make a statement with each aspect of their wedding from the venue, to the styling and most importantly, the florals.


Styling tips…

Work with Alessandra to create an organic cohesiveness on all aspects of your wedding styling. Trust her to execute the entire vision, creating a unique story told through every little detail.