About Harrolds

Founded in 1985 on Melbourne’s Collins Street, Harrolds is a living fashion institution supporting Australian designers and providing a home for luxury fashion in Australia.

The exclusive Australian home of the finest collections from Tom Ford to Saint Laurent, Balmain to Burberry, Harrolds combines tailoring and modern luxury pieces with the most sought-after looks of the season.

Committed to innovation, 2020 marks the debut of Harrolds Online and the beginning of their latest chapter, offering Australian and New Zealand clients the opportunity to shop the most sought-after collections from more than 100 of the finest design houses in the world.

Behind The Brand

Describe the man your store is for…

Our man is sophisticated, edgy, fashion-conscious, and has a clear sense of what he is after. He enjoys wearing timeless, quality created pieces that can be styled for years to come. He believes in investing in pieces that can be paired with his existing wardrobe items and that also reflects his personality and style.


Do you offer a custom tailoring service? If so, how long does it take to custom-tailored a piece?

Yes, this process can take 6-10 weeks however, with a small surcharge this can be expedited. If the made-to-measure piece includes any exotic skin material such as alligator, crocodile, caiman, python, lizard, or mink, will require an application for CITES, which may add a further 3 months to the process.


What advice do you have for grooms looking for a suit?

Our advice is to always opt for the way the suit fits, rather than the way it looks.  A well-made suit or tuxedo is an investment piece that can be added to your wardrobe staples. The main points which should be considered are shoulders, chest, and the sleeves of the jacket. With pants, the length of the trousers and trousers’ rise is crucial. Lapel should touch the collar of a shirt. Wearing shirts with a small collar under a suit is not recommended. It is recommended to adjust the shirt’s sleeves and jacket sleeves to the point that 1.5 cm to 2.5 cm of the shirt cuff is showing.


What is your most popular brand or style for grooms and groomsmen?

The most popular style for the grooms is a two-piece tuxedo in black. The most sort after brand at Harrolds is TOM FORD, with its characteristic silhouette. Groomsmen can wear either a tuxedo or a black color suit, in tones of grey, charcoal, or black.


What advice do you give to men to care for their garments?

Do not over wear your suits. All these garments are made of natural fibers and they need an ample amount of time to settle between each wear. Alternating suits are the best way to elongate the lifetime of your garments. For fabrics with 110 – 130 tread count, one or a maximum of two wears a week. For 150 and above I would recommend being worn once a week or better once a fortnight.

Other important notes to remember; never sit or drive while you have your jacket on, airing the jacket after each wear. Do not dry clean often as the chemical used can make the natural fibers fragile and reduce the life span, it is best to avoid sweating in your suit or blazers and avoid exposing them to rain or excessive moisture. Always store your suit away from the sun and use the appropriate hanger. If you intend on wearing your suit after the wedding, add a silk saddle to your pants if you are walking a lot.

Editor’s Notes

Why we love it…

An Australian icon, Harrolds is synonymous with class, sophistication, tailored menswear, and luxury fashion bound by an elevation of premium customer service. We personally love that Harrolds extend their service beyond the in-store experience, including dry cleaning, alterations, tailoring and garment, and shoe repair. Services so valuable to ensuring a perfectly fitting suit that has longevity in your wardrobe when cared for correctly.


For the Groom…

Committed to finding a suit and accessories that become keepsake items, combining personalized tailoring with luxury fashion brands and key seasonal pieces to create a uniquely stylized look.


Styling tips…

We highly recommend booking with Harrolds Concierge Service for a personalized styling appointment for your bridal party. Finding the perfect shape, fit and fabric for each man is essential to ensure a level of comfort and confidence during the celebrations. If unsure, while you’re there, have the team teach you the finer details of cuffs and collars, sock choice, and how to perfect a double Windsor knot for a considered finish to your outfit.