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About Hattie Fox Studio

Hattie Fox, the creative mind behind this blossoming venture, established her studio in 2012, offering an array of floral design, styling, botanical artistry, and planting consultancy services.

Having witnessed the transformation and ascent of floral design throughout the industry's evolution, Hattie incorporates her wealth of experiences into her ever-evolving, truly one-of-a-kind style.

With a versatile portfolio, Hattie and her team engage with a diverse range of projects, each approached with a fresh perspective. An advocate for harmonizing with the seasons, Hattie passionately promotes and practices sustainability. She considers it her duty to guide clients and collaborators toward embracing eco-conscious processes, instilling in them a profound appreciation for the beauty and significance of nature's rhythm.

Editor’s Notes

Why we love Hattie…

Hattie Fox creates romantic visual poetry through floral forms and organic shapes. The London-based studio’s alluring installations and arrangements are evocative of the tranquil feeling that only nature brings.

For the couple…

Hattie’s expertise combined with artful design is perfect for the couple dreaming of pure elegance with a touch of magic.

Styling tips…

Find out what will be in season, think about the atmosphere you’d like to create and collaborate with your stylist to bring your vision to life.