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About Jasmine Rae Cakes

As a San Francisco native and self-proclaimed #texturejunkie, Jasmine creates cakes that play with the tension between gritty and soft, solid and diaphanous, and aged and fresh. Complexity is conveyed through the balance of light and shadow in simple compositions that communicate 'one point'. You'll be welcomed into the magic of a collaborative design process that honors your relationship, aesthetic, and vision, then expressed in a style that is clean and deliberate, yet organic and sensitive.

Behind The Brand

What was the spark for Jasmine Rae Cakes? Where did your story begin?

You could say it started in my boyfriend’s kitchen in 2005 as an answer to a lack of direction in my early-20s; you could say it was in my car, 4 years later, speaking out loud to my mother that I no longer wanted to make wholesale muffins and to instead focus exclusively on cake. Or in 2013, after many years of developing skills and trying out everything related to cake, I had remembered my roots as an artist, inspired by the edification of my recent Masters in Psychology, as that is what really inspired the possibility that I could reform my business as an extension of myself. That was a spark…and hopefully, one to influence a new definition for the industry.

Jasmine Rae Cakes is a stance for Fine Art Cake Making, both personally and politically. My relationship with the cake community and the wedding industry defines which territory has yet to be explored and is a commitment to both elevate an industry while sharing in an experience with my clients.


Explain your creative process when designing your cakes and desserts?

My creative process is a natural one. Every technique I develop and use is about making a relationship with my materials and my environment. They are my co-creators and it is my job to set them up, cherish what they offer me, and find the overlap between what they are showing me in that moment and what I envisioned. I hold the client in mind, drawing information both somatically and linguistically from the memory of our time designing, along with the feeling that the inspiration imagery evokes.

I consider the ‘deliverable’ not to be a perfectly executed replica of a detailed sketch, but a promise — a promise that I will reckon with creativity, surrender to the undesignable elements of the natural process, and deliver something unique that could only happen once from translating the client through me, in that moment. In some ways, I might say the design process starts with the shadow, formed in the original meeting, but many months later, only starts to reflect light in solid form in the space of my studio.


What advice do you have for couples when choosing their cake design?

Be sure to really love your cake maker! Empower them, entrust them, set them up to be successful with you. Let them guide you and share generously about who you are. Get clear about who they are…and vow to love your cake no matter what. My clients’ reflections have made me the cake maker that I am. It is a gift I get to contribute to others.


What is your most popular flavor of cake or dessert?

I don’t have a menu, but I would say some popular ingredients are passionfruit, raspberries, salted caramel, vanilla bean. Personally, I always throw in a few curveballs, such as osmanthus tea or oregano, just to see if I can get a client to surprise themselves!

Editor’s Notes

Why we love it…

Intuitive, artfully inspired forms combined with a masterful touch for creating authentic and personal cakes with no replica. Jasmine’s commitment to elevate and chart new paths in the industry are the values we admire in the creatives we seek to bring new visions to life.


For the couple…

Who value fine arts blended with raw, textural beauty intertwined with magic and a touch of surprise upon reveal.


Styling tips…

When thinking about your cake push past tradition or theme, instead seek out a talented and skilled artist to create a truly bespoke design. Strip back color and fresh floral adornment by taking inspiration from your venue to bring cohesivity to your overall styling with a cake that mirrors the mood of your surroundings.