About J'Aton Couture

J’Aton is the fusion of designers Jacob and Anthony. Embodying a unified vision of design stemming from an insatiable desire to create, their signature style is a lavish juxtaposition between contrasting elements - the avant-garde and the classic; the opulent and the raw; the masculine and the feminine. 

Established in 1995, renowned for their skilled handwork and attention to detail, the designers use traditional methods in their stunning bespoke evening and bridal wear. The fashion house is a firm favourite amongst Australia's society and has cultivated an International following. Headquartered in Melbourne and gowns available globally, for the discerning clientele.

Behind The Brand

Describe the woman you design for…

We love and respect women and cater for every woman! Our aim is to always empower the wearer, and make her feel completely comfortable, confident and represented.


What is your most popular piece?

There are many but possibly the Dita Von Tease gown we made in 2008, as it became an iconic corset gown.  It inspired women to introduce the allure and sensuality of lingerie into Bespoke evening wear.  Also, it solidified the trend for the naked dress phenomenon!


What advice would you give to brides-to-be?

Throw caution to the wind, create a new modern and represent the now.

Make history for future generations to be inspired by.

Take advantage of the women’s movement which has allowed respect and global acceptance for self-expression.


As a designer, what tips do you have for brides to get the most out of their fittings?

Come with less people and less opinions. Wear the dress of your dreams and not the dress of other’s dreams!

It’s your day and your partners day, dress to impress your partner and to represent the two of you – that should be the focus.

We encourage brides not to feel pressured about their chosen dream dress designer.  It is an important decision to get right.  Allow yourself the respect to decide if you feel a connection with the chosen designer.

Most importantly, don’t make final decisions at the fitting, go home and think about it in your own time, as you can get overwhelmed at fittings and make hasty decisions.  Yes, you can take our advice as we are the professionals but we encourage brides to go home and sleep on final decisions as ultimately, it’s your day and you know yourself better than anyone.


Do you offer a custom design service for brides? If so, how long does it take to make a custom piece?

Yes we do, ideally we allow 6 to 8 months for the custom design process – in saying that, when we create, anything is possible.  A creation can happen overnight when you are passionate and committed.

If it’s a simple gown, it can be created in less than 6 months but if your ideas and dreams are incredibly over the top then some dreams take several months!  If the gown is reliant on intense manual labour, there are usually many intricacies to achieve the dream dress.


What advice do you give to brides to care for their gown?

We encourage brides to dry clean the gown as early as possible after the big day to preserve the gown.

We recommend a specialist couture dry cleaner with a good reputation, it’s not worth cutting costs when it comes to preserving a wedding gown, invest in its preservation and you will save in the long term.

Choose just as wisely as you would your bridal gown designer, to preserve and keep the value to pass on to future generations.

Editor’s Notes


Why we love it… 

It’s that distinct Italian design aesthetic that’s captured our hearts… decadent, masterful, opulent and dramatic. Every piece is a work of art.


For the woman…

Who revels in luxury, commands a room and longs for a show-stopping piece.


Styling tips…

Don’t overdo it. J’Aton Couture pieces are a statement in themselves so keep hair and makeup simple and polished and accessories to a minimum.

Prepared in collaboration with Jess@thedreamdayco