Kyndel specializes in fine art photography, capturing the essence of your wedding day with an artist's eye. Each photograph is composed like a masterpiece, weaving together light, emotion, and the unique details that make your story unforgettable. By combining fine art, editorial style, and fashion-inspired photography, Kyndel's work ensures your memories remain effortlessly stylish, wrapped in the embrace of modern elegance.

An ardent globetrotter, Kyndel brings their expertise to couples worldwide, ensuring that no love story goes uncaptured. They cherish the calm and intimate moments, spontaneous laughter, and raw emotions that make each wedding unique. The goal is to make you feel comfortable and at ease in front of the camera, ensuring your personality and connection shine through in every photograph.

Kyndel is not just a photographer; they are a storyteller. Each frame is a testament to their commitment to translating love stories into visual poetry, leaving couples with a treasure trove of cherished moments.

Behind the Brand

What draws you to wedding photography?

Coming from cinematography background, what attracts me to wedding photography is to be able to capture stills at point of time that portray a story and invoke emotion. From the preparation to the farewell, witnessing the couple share tears and laughter with their family and friends throughout their day are some of the genuine moments that makes the whole gallery heartfelt and authentic. As a storyteller, a gallery represents snapshots of the entire day, enabling the viewer to understand the narrative without watching the movie.

How would you describe your photography style

Guiding you through your special day, I seamlessly blend candid moments with editorial-style portraits, providing a modern perspective that ensures your memories remain effortlessly stylish for generations to come. Each frame is a testament to my commitment to translating love stories into visual poetry.

What inspires you creatively?

Unraveling behind-the-scenes intricacies of movie production fascinates me. I could easily engage in lengthy discussions about this topic for hours, particularly when it comes to deconstructing film composition, scene arrangement, and lighting. In June 2017, I discovered, that weddings are the perfect stage for the most beautiful and emotional stories. After years spent working with seasoned photographers, videographers, and in TV shows, it unveiled the artistry within me.  Now, I channel that passion into crafting fine art, editorial, and fashion-inspired wedding photography.

What is it that makes an image magical?

The people, the emotion, and the craft.

In 10 years time, if those photographs let you remember the emotion and experience you’ve felt at that moment of time, that’s magic.

What advice would you give couples when selecting their wedding photographer?

Style, color, personality – these three criteria can be used to consider when selecting your wedding photographer. Ask yourself these three questions:

Based on the style of photos you would like to have, has this photographer shown similar style on their portfolio?

What makes a photographer different from other photographers is their editing style. These could be bright, moody, punchy, colorful, or neutral. Is the colour palette of their example work what you like?

The photographer is with you throughout the day, your relationship with them influences your wedding day experience. Do they pass the vibe check?

Your dream location to shoot a wedding?

A rooftop in New York

By lake with a beautiful mountain backdrop

Under a tall archway of a historical building

Editor Notes

Why we love Kyndel…

There is something truly breathtaking about Kyndel’s work, she has a graceful and discerning eye for detail that transforms every frame into a complete work of art. Like something pulled out from a classic fashion editorial, her fine art photography credentials are top tier.

For the couple…

The fashionable pairing, the artistic duo who appreciates a storyteller. Her work is made for the twosome seeking to elevate their wedding album to new editorial heights, with Kyndel you’ll find polish and sophistication in every single frame cementing all your memorable moments.