La Musa de las Flores

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About La Musa de las Flores

Floral studio and cut flower garden in Valle de Bravo, Mexico. Gabriela's designs are influenced by a connection to nature, the beauty of life and the vivid energy that flowers invoke in all of us.

Behind The Brand

Your best advice for event planning?

I think the best advice I can give people is to be soft, gentle and kind to flowers. All inspiration for me comes from my love to nature. If you take the time to be around nature, all will come to you: shape, color palettes, texture and movement. All is out there.


What was the spark for La Musa de las Flores? Where did the story begin?

It began doing my dissertation for my MA. I was doing architectural interiors and I started doing flowers just as decorative element. Once I realized how powerful flowers are, how much they can change the way we feel about a space, the way we feel in life. I knew flowers were the language I wanted to learn.


What inspires you creatively?



Most memorable place you’ve travelled?

Autumn at the Berkshires, upstate NY.


On a typical weekend we’ll find you?

Doing my garden.


A favorite quote?

Practice, practice and all is coming.