About Le Spose di Giò

Since 1975, an inimitable style that has dictated a new idea of bride. Far from any trivial excess, it is the style that enhances the bride without transforming her. Born from the experience of De Capitani's sisters (Giovanna e Marisa, from which the name of Le Spose di Giò), respectively matured in the world of high fashion and design, the first atelier was opened in a small area in the center of Monza.

An immediate success, the Giò linear and clean style became straightaway trendy. Following the wide market demand, other stores in Bergamo, Varese and Bologna were soon opened. These points of sale continue nowadays to be personally attended and followed as true creative workshops where ideas are brought to life and where future brides progressively assist to the creation of their dress. From the most important and sumptuous ceremonies to weddings held in the countryside or barefoot at the beach, to more informal weddings with a pair of trousers and a mini-skirt, to those definitely more normal with dresses that can be reused in other occasions; each bride is for us a single adventure, different and original.

Behind The Brand

What was the spark for beginning the brand?

It was 1975 when the De Capitani sisters, after the experience gained in the field of high fashion and design, opened their first atelier in the center of Monza, Le Spose di Giò. The aim is to create a new line of wedding dresses, which banish unnecessary excesses by enhancing the bride in a natural way. A ban on artifices and frills, therefore, and space for simple, natural lines, but with the utmost attention and attention to detail.

Each dress is personalized and adapted to the type of person as well as the tone of the ceremony. The continuous stylistic research, the use of exclusive fabrics, the quality of the tailoring and tailoring allow each model to be given that extra grit that has made Le Spose di Giò a solid and internationally esteemed brand

You can immediately recognize a dress by Le Spose di Giò, without having to look at the label and as they themselves say: “either you like it or you don’t”, in no uncertain terms. But who is behind such a strong, coherent and immediate identity? Since forever, that is since 1975, Giovanna (above left) (and hence the abbreviation to Giò) and Marisa De Capitani (right), indivisible sisters, although different in everything, except in their taste for the bride. Along the way, Chiara (in the centre), daughter of Giovanna, joined the company and found it natural to join the company after a degree and some experience abroad. The roles are theoretically defined: Marisa takes care of the choice of fabrics and models, Giovanna takes care of the samples, Chiara takes care of the communication. Yes, initially, but then everything merges into a unicum because the boundaries are not really drawn and no one stubbornly holds on to their independence.

Thus over the years, the image has strengthened a name that has achieved great notoriety in Italy and abroad, catalyzing brides of all ages and origins, sure of finding superlative tailoring. The Brides of Giò are a feminine hemisphere: 82 women in the Ateliers, of which 37 are seamstresses (in addition to Monza, “the capital”, London, Bergamo, Varese, Bari, Palermo), sales staff trained with support that lasts a year. «Expertise is important, you need to know the samples in depth, know the variations that can be made, the reactions of a fabric, the feasibility of a modification.

You need to understand the bride, feel her and get in touch with her, but also guide her and advise her as best as possible, overcoming some fears, accepting some defects, helping her to enhance herself and placing emphasis on sartorial values that are still important. The result: a beautiful, elegant, chic and happy bride that is built together.” And “from head to toe”, given that with the dresses there are a variety of accessories: shoes, hats, crowns, lingerie and a complete collection for the guests. In the city centre, flooded with light and furnished in light tones, the spaces of the ateliers instil serenity and the certainty of being in good hands, enjoying the beautiful and exciting time for yourself while choosing a dress.

What inspires you creatively?

The new collection of Le spose di Giò 2024 wedding dresses is called Sheer and is an enchantment of natural fabrics and sinuous lines, a mixture of softness and couture tailored gowns.

Le spose di Giò is a proudly Italian bridal brand, and the attention to tailoring together with the quality of the fabrics are its great stylistic features. Thus, in the sheer collection, composed of ultra chic models, the female silhouette becomes the absolute protagonist, but is also remodelled and reinvented through tailored style combined with timeless elegance.

Natural fabrics, such as silk and organza, reign supreme and contribute to building models.

What advice can you give to brides when shopping for their dress?

Pretend your bridal gown is bespoke, choose natural fabric as pure silk. You will feel the difference on your wedding day. Choose the style that suits your figure, being yourself is the only way of looking timeless elegant. A wedding dress shouldn’t be subject to fashion. It should be a tailored piece subject to your style.

What are you drawn to in bridal right now? And what would you love to see less of?

We like to see more and more original French laces, pure silk, natural fabrics, tailored shapes and couture finishings. Less excesses, less transformation, more care for details. We would like to meet the tailor that create a dress, we would love to understand the story behind each single creation and would definitely see less of standardized dress that need to be ordered  months and months before the wedding day. There is a dream hidden in every single creation and that dream comes true when the bride meets her favourite gown.

Editor’s Notes

Why we love it…

A fluid and sculptural staple in the world of luxury bridal design, the Le Spose di Giò aesthetic lends a completely ethereal and sculptured approach to bridal wear. Made for the dignified bride looking for distinction and flair, for us it’s the fit and exquisite fabrication from the Italian atelier.

For the bride…

Romantic and polished, this is a dramatic and couture constructed take on bridal attire that will have you feeling your most beautiful and authentic self. Entirely produced in Milan, make the most of booking early and planning ahead with this team of experts.