About LeiL

LeiL fuses architectural principles and technical precision to create symbolic, structurally sound, and timeless designs made to last a lifetime.

Founded in Sydney Australia, from a desire to become the next generation in jewelry by reinvigorating design integrity and simple elegance within the industry. LeiL believes in the purity of truth and aims to embrace radical transparency, to empower you with the knowledge to purchase with intent and conviction, always.

LeiL pieces are designed for the benefit of the wearer and the life lived around the jewelry piece. They are technically perfect yet symbolic to our couples, possessing an innate elegance, just like the metals that make up their distinctive form. This means that every element of a LeiL creation is carefully considered with your values, wearability, and dedication to the betterment of society in mind.

Behind The Brand

Where are your gemstones and diamonds sourced from?

At LeiL, we place not only our clients’ needs and values above all else, but also running our business in a responsible way. A part of this is understanding that luxury has evolved and it’s not only about what you wear but what you know. For this reason, we choose to harness technology in a way that achieves a better future for all. All our diamonds and gemstones are lab-grown, the smarter, ethical and responsible choice of diamond. Lab-created gemstones have the same chemical properties and visual qualities, just not mined from the ground. Our diamonds are of the highest quality, graded by the same world-known laboratories such as GIA, IGI and exclusively to Lab-Grown, Diamond Foundry.


Do you offer a custom design service? If so, how long does it take to make a custom piece?

Yes, LeiL offers a complete bespoke experience, each piece taking approximately 4 weeks to complete. With a LeiL designed jewellery piece, we aim to celebrate the intersection between architecture and jewellery where every component matters, has its function and considered proportions. We design with these principles and lifetime wearability in mind. Simply gather your design inspiration, let us know what ethical stones you’d like to use, and contact us to arrange a consultation. We will collaborate on your beautiful jewellery design and provide you with rendered images until we achieve your perfect ring. Then we’ll start crafting your jewellery piece.

In addition to our bespoke service, we have designed our website to guide you through customising your ring with the center stone, metal colour, band profile, or width which is personalised to your style. Above all, we want to create your dream custom jewellery piece that’s kinder to the planet along with ensuring your design is structurally sound, so you can treasure it into the future.


What is your most popular piece?

Our Signature Solitaire! It is a modern classic, reimagining the conventional idea of luxury by discarding the excess and celebrating good design and structural integrity. It fuses timeless elegance with architectural principles; considered dimensions, symmetry and proportions. Real design principles made to last with continued love and wear, and inspired by the dynamic life lived around the jewellery piece.

Our Signature Asscher Solitaire with a Curved band profile or our Signature Marquise Bezel with Flat band profile has been a popular request. Timeless elegance but with a geometric and modern feel seems to be a strong yet feminine look clients have been going for. Often choosing to pair their solitaire with a diamond wedding band of the same or proportionately, thinner width, or going for a bespoke versatile wedding band design that can be worn on its own.


What advice would you give to a couple looking for their wedding jewelry?

Choose a place to buy from that you like and trust. When you feel yourself aligning to the brand or the person you are dealing with, everything else will fall into place! We will be there for all your life-changing moments after all, so we are not only going to be your jeweller but a distant, lifelong friend.


What tips do you have for couples to care for their jewelry?

All LeiL’s fine jewellery metals will retain their colour over time however your jewellery will need rhodium plating and polishing to keep its shine. We recommend booking a professional polish once every three years, as the metal down will wear down with every polish.

In between polishing, we offer complimentary steam cleaning and claw checks, a once-a-year service for the lifetime of your jewellery piece. At home, you can soak the jewellery piece in lukewarm, soapy water and scrub with a soft bristle brush to upkeep the diamond’s lustre and shine.

No matter what metal you go for, fine jewellery metals are innately soft and will scratch and break with applied pressure. We recommend simply being mindful of the jewellery piece when doing activities that require heavy lifting or repetitive movements such as exercising or cleaning.

Editor’s Notes

Why we love it…

We’re enraptured by the purity of LeiL’s pieces; the chic simplicity that emanates confidence, modernity and honesty. We love their dedication to producing ethical, lab-grown pieces that are artistically crafted with quality in mind.


For the bride…

For the environmentally-conscious bride drawn to architecturally-inspired pieces that are simplistic yet bold, contemporary yet timeless.


Styling tips…

We can envision LeiL’s pieces being effortlessly styled to complement a modern or minimal aesthetic. Here, less is more, so keep accessories to a minimum to really allow for your ring to take the spotlight, and pair with an elegant set of diamond stud earrings.